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2004-07-30 18:49:59
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Poetry By [SilverBlue82]


work in progress

My nerve and armor hold me strong

As I approach the shadow of an evil long gone

Like a child sleeping from exhaustion

Its body laid sprawled in angels not possible to the imagination

My eyes begin its search of the cave looking at every corner with fascination

Spying its nest of gold my eyes drool with greed

Money power and lust I see almost handed to me

But the monsters deep breath startles me to the present

And my dreary dark gloom takes first over my dream of covet

Life's Smiles

Life’s Smiles seem to hide away, staying far hidden till another day.
And if you try and see them now, frowns and teeth are all abow.
Low and thick like the morning fog, your mood worsens in the sog.
But you must remember in future days, life’s smile again will come out and play.
And new smiles are formed like morning due, whose symptoms are contagious like the common flu.
So don’t get down by the frowns of now, but think of the future smiles of when where and how.

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2004-05-17 [material princess]: hey there is no poery i am dissapointed :C

2004-07-05 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: ... No kiddin'... *HOped to see... stuff here*

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