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2004-07-31 22:08:31
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POETRY BY [Your Crying Dollie]


the pain is so intense,
it hurts so fucking much,
it feels as if,
my heart just went "crunch"!

i want to be near people,
i want to fall down and cry,
and all i can think is,
"just let me fucking die!"

the pain is so intense,
it hurts so fucking much,
it feels as if,
my heart just went crunch.

My Friends

once there was 7 of us,
all best friends,
but then the number started decreasing,
and this is how it went:

Poor April was the first one,
she left us here alone,
she up to eurica,
now i can only talk to her on the phone.

Then there went Meagan,
she left for california,
she said she'd miss us so much,
but yet she never "phoned ya".

Then amanda went all bitchy,
and tried to get me exspelled,
well guess what hoe?
that didn't work to well.

Then we found out sasha,
was moving to kansas city,
god and goddess i'll miss her,
her moving is such a pity.

Then Jessica went bitchy too,
I don't know how or when,
but now all i know is,
i can't hang out with her again.

so now it's down to me and victoria,
the last of the seven,
i wish we were all one again,
and back in our own little heaven.

But it feels as if,
victoria's sipping away,
i hope that dosen't happen,
i really want her to stay.

so all us seven,
went in different directions,
and it's down to two,
with not that much best friend affections.

i wish i had them back,
i hate to be alone,
and yet all that connects us,
is that stupid fucking phone!

I've Thought about this

no one would realy notice,
no one would really care,
no one would realy notice,
if suddenly i wasn't there.

they don't even see me,
they all just pass me by,
and non of them notice,
when i fall down to cry.

they all suddenly noticed,
they all suddenly cared,
they all really noticed,
when my blood was all that was there.

How I feel

i feel so alone,
i feel so cold inside,
i feel so unwanted,
can't you see the tears in my eyes?

they push me around,
they make me cry,
they make me bleed,
yet they can't look me in the eyes.

my shining moment was snatched away,
my best friend now hates me,
lets just stick me in a zoo,
so everyone can stare at me.


I remember,
when i was little,
i had seen a faery.
that faery promised
my life would be full of magic.
let's just say, she kept her word.

I remember just last year,
my friend made me relize,
i had a dark half, my yomi.
my yomi is a vampier.
let's just say, i'm not afraid of blood anymore.

And last, i remember just last month,
i became a witch.
my friends didn't desert me,
and i gained a new friend because of it.
let's just say, i don't feel so alone.

So thank you to the faery,
who blessed my life with magic.
Thank you to Alycia,
you helped me find my yomi.
And thank you eric,
you are a true brother of the coven.

These are a few of my friends,
that helped bless my life with magic.
thank you faery,
thank you alycia,
thank you eric.
you are, some of my true friends.

This is my 2nd oldest poem

Evil. nasty, trecherous things,
Why must you torture me?
Why must you knowck me down?
Please just let me be.

My Oldest Poem

If day is night
And night is day
When all the ghosts come out to play,
What are we?

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