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Poetry By [Sheona]

Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena

Emotions Poetry Contest 2

Wake Unto Me
Inspired by Stephen Foster, dedicated to [Kierf].


Wake unto me, to my adoration,
Upon thy face I'll gaze, come to!
Wake unto me, my dear breath taker,
For thou art my handsome dream maker,
Thy lull'd expression under moon's illumination.

Thus I from thee take enkindled inspiration,
Borne by every dream come true.
Though moments together are ever spry,
With every thought I feel thee nigh:
A delusion of infatuation.

In verse to thee I show dedication,
And thy love I shall ever pursue.
I to thee this love commend,
Parchment words of thyself I send -
An expression of determination.

Be this no more than imagination?
Not so, quoth I, thy heart is true!
Bounded evermore to thee is my heart;
This I to thee alone impart.
Lo my recantation of my contemplation!

How just, it seems, my admiration,
For thy joy is long overdue.
Thy heart, nay more, thy soul, I cry,
Can never our purest love deny.
Espy a celebration of love's creation!
© Sheona R. McCaig

From Death To Glory
Inspired by [Trajic Rabbit], dedicated to [Kierf].


This be my reality when worlds collide;
Lives destroyed by the single drop of rain.
Through the land a rolling rumble,
As hills are torn and buildings crumble,
And hearts and minds divide.

When the roaring did subside,
And the devastation had once waned,
What's left is peacefulness so strange
As people silently wait for winds to change
And breaths are held as hearts bide.

Curious next what silently betide
As something betokened the ended bane.
Across sky black a shooting star
That brightly outshone Balthazar
And all the evil defied.

The star would over all preside
And the night sky it would reign.
Such is the legend in my own mind,
But be it the illusional kind?
Or in reality does it preside?

In the still I slowly cried
As all the evil was slain.
What you live is you own story,
A twisted tale from death to glory
That reaches far and wide.

Though from past I may still hide
And happiness I'll feign,
There are some wars that can't be won,
It is all past, what's done is done.
My happiness is no longer denied.
© Sheona R. McCaig

Return Of A Dragon Fly
Dedicated to Suresh (don't ask).

Soon a silent sign of spring revived:
Return of the dragonfly, journey survived.
Softly upon warm wind it rests,
Comely wings gracefully spread wide,
Colours showing the beauty inside.
How such charm could one detest?

How I wish to have such wings
And share with you the joy of gliding,
Then together with you I'd fly.
Over poppy field we'd float with ease,
Soaring over summer breeze,
Upon our wings we would fly by.

Dragonfly, take me with you,
For just a while, let me fly with you,
Let us feel our freedom together.
Yet no wings to spread wide have I,
I watch you slowly pass me by,
Swiftly flown away forever.
© Sheona R. McCaig

Where The Melancholy Waters Lie
Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, dedicated to my grandmother.


But a gone memory is the light of morn,
The moon of blue beneath overshadowing sky;
The decease of day shall I always mourn.
Forever doomed, bound by doubt am I,
Where the melancholy waters lie.

Chilling landscape becomes a masterpiece,
As crystal-glass waters reflect in my eye.
Inner turmoil begets outer peace.
Tears frost my chilled cheeks as I cry,
Where the melancholy waters lie.

The single thorned bloom of a rare rose
Amongst the crystallised mirrors I spy,
From whence a perfidious hope arose.
Alas! Struck down by fell deceit I die,
Where the melancholy waters lie.
© Sheona R. McCaig

To The River
Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, dedicated to my dear friend Jennifer.


Behold the peaceful waters by,
As ephemeral as the hour.
Bringing bygone memory nigh
As it follows life's meandering course.
Through the glass I see my source -
A source that shall devour.

Tearstained is the silky stream,
The looking-glass mirrored o'er.
In the reflection afeared face screams.
Crystal ripplets blue as sky
In which reflections I may spy
Yield haunting wail from times of yore.

My frosty river beneath bridge sweeps,
An emblem of youth's beauty lost.
Mother Nature weakly weeps
For that which is gone forever.
Summer sun will return never,
The fringes laced with frost.
© Sheona R. McCaig

Apocalyptic Vision
Inspired by and dedicated to [fred].


Minds changed, and bridges burned.
Souls ravaged, and tables turned.
Happy memories fade to dust.
There is no love, only lust.
Blackened hearts kill one more.
A drop of blood falls to the floor.
Claymore blades pierce through skin.
Little boys become men with sin.
A little girl turned to a whore.
Another man beats down her door.
Minds altered, lives destroyed.
Another soul lost to the void.
A heart is broken, the body dies.
Another victim of soft spoken lies.
Poison injected. Darkness creeps.
Another mother softly weeps.
The body falls, lesson learned.
All of life is torched and burned.
© Sheona R. McCaig

Dreamer, Dreamer
Inspired by my father.

Dreamer, dreamer, where are you?
Your mind amongst the clouds.
Can't you ever face the truth;
Can you ever abandon your shroud?

Dreamer, dreamer, why do you dream?
Don't you know it will never come true?
You dream of such impossible things
That no human could dare to do.

Dreamer, dreamer, will you wake up,
And face painful reality?
Haven't you had quite enough
Of looking for things you cant see?

Dreamer, dreamer, dreaming more,
Living always in fantasies.
Never dare to dream again,
And with your mind appease.
© Sheona R. McCaig

My Autumn
Dedicated to Tristan (again, don't ask).

You wished me well,
You bid me die,
Under an October sky.

You gave me life,
You gave me breath,
Followed by a listless death.

You came at dusk
To feed my dreams,
I mistook you for what you seemed.

You gave me passion,
Bled desire,
Consummated in our lovers fire.

You turned to go,
I begged you, “stay”,
I softly wept as you walked away.

Now my broken body
is rent in two,
with feelings of love and desire for you.

I'll wish that you loved me,
Just half as much,
As I love you and your tender touch.

I would turn you away
But you are my all.
You are my autumn, you are my fall.
© Sheona R. McCaig

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