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Poetry By [RubyRose]

My Knight

Will you be my knight?
Will you ride in,
On a great white stallion,
Your banner,
Soaring gallantly in the breeze?

I am no damsel in distress,
There are no dragons,
No visible bonds to hold me here;
Yet I can't take myself away,
Will you come and save me?

One I thought a Fool,
Told me once,
A bit of prophecy I cannot forget.
I was told,
That I am a Fool,
I was made to serve,
And no one would ever set me free.

It looked at me,
This Fool in mottled garb,
Sexless and without color,
And I knew It to speak the truth,
For the look in It's eyes,
Was one I knew.

Will you come,
And take away my mask,
My mottled garb,
Without color or life?
Reveal to me,
The woman I know myself to be,
But no one else can see.
Show the world,
That I am no king's Fool,
Take me away from forced smiles and tricks.
Or will you leave me here,
A sexless Fool,
Wanting to be a woman,
But lost in a sea of kings?

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