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[RavenTalon]'s poetry page

This is my poetry:)

Section 1:Seasons

Who Calls
I hear the wind
the red and golden leaves
I hear the birds
The gold windchimes are

Autumn Dance
Come little leaves
said the wind one day
come to the meadows with me,and play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold,
for summer is gone and the days grow cold.

With Unseen Hands
To reach out to grab you
with no warning or signs.
Stalked by the hunger
oh devine oh divine.

No one will know
when you're gone for good
I see a bright shine,
oh devine oh devine.

Good tidings,
I say as the wind passes
blowing a vine.
Watch out for the unseen hands...
Oh Devine oh Devine.

They are here
watching your every twitch
I watch from my window near my Ra shrine.
Watch out for them...
Oh Devine Oh Devine.

I am still sitting,
still standing,
at the window at nine.
I think they have caught you,
Oh Devine,Oh Devine.

Challenged dragons

The great dragons of the sea
that kill all fish
that cross thier path.
The feared,the loathed.
Any lesser being
will be stomped on
like a bug.
The great dragons who are never challenged
that are never crossed.
Who never lose.

 You DON't Want to know...
In our club we
do stuff.
We do all kinds of stuff.
Want to know what we do?

Let me assure you...
you don't want to know...
I'll tell you anyway.
Here we go:

We make up stories
we make up rhymes
we make up people
we make up new times

We act like dopes
But we aren't stupid
We are just unique!
Alright,we are stupid...and maybe a wee bit weird...

my club is fun
I'm almost done
I changed the name
We're playing MY game!

Now you know about my club
we meet in school,not a pub!
We make things up
at the stupidest times
In the middle of a poem,we like to change rhymes...

 If the Raven Shall Cry
When the moon blocks out the sun
and the darkness overcomes
the fire dies out
lingering 'till it outs

When the plants start to decay
and the soil all erudes.
The last thing to be heard is the raven's cry.
If the Earth shall be destroyed by the sun or by the race.

The fire burns out of control
burning everything.
When the sun implodes
killing all who are near
the last thing that will be seen
is the raven's glare...

Requiem...thing...'s something everyone fears...
everyone wonders of it will hurt..
or is heaven real?
Well nobody knows...
that's one of the
lingering questions of life...
Only thise with near death experiances know...
but they dare not tell.
Everyone would think they were nuts!! Hehehe!

At the moon.
The lonesome wolf howls
abandoned by her pack.
She wasn't lost or hurt.
She was white.
And booted out because the others were grey.
No one different allowed whitey...
No one different allowed...

All Grown Up
In a long time When I grow old
I won't be rich
But I'll be bold
I won't be a witch.

I won't be poor
but I'll be happy
my life won't be a bore
'nor will it be crappy.

When I'm grown up I'll be nice
I'll be polite
and give advice.
Even without light!

Not useless advice that can't be used
or dumb things that'll be on the news
I'll give great advice and will be amused.

I'll have lots of friends who care a lot
and a family and a nice vacation spot
I'll never get bored ; I will not.

It's my decision who I'll be
not my friend's or a piece of salomi's
It's my future not their's
It's mine 'cause I'm Clare:)

I'm Gone
Remember me.
That's all I ask.
Let me fly
with the eagles.

Don't weep over me.
It's useless.

I'm gone now. Flying with eagals.

I've passed
the point of no return...
no turning
back now.

I'm gone but
you can still live.
And learn.
It's not you who's gone.

I bid you fare well
from flying with my friends
who were gone before me.
I'm in a better place now.

Don't feel sorry for me.
I know the death was sudden.
I was merely sleeping.
Don't cry...just don't cry...

My Beloved Melee...
I loved you dearly,
why did you have to go?
where are you now?
Please just tell me when you know.
I know I will see you again,
My Melee,My Melee,
but I wish I just knew when.
I would love to see your fuzzy face,
The way it seemed as though you always smiled...
Melee,Melee,My beloved Jumper,
I'll see you in a long while.
I know you lived
and then you died,
but I wish you hadn't.
You had 200 little eggs,
you died when they were hatched.
Was it a life mission,was that your only purpose?
Or was your life merely snatched?
My most beloved spider of all,
Tell me...why did you go?
Why did you have to fall?

Wishes or my heart
I've changed.
I didn't realize it was happening.
But it was.
And that mistake led me to believe in something.
Something that never truly existed.
I was used.
He didn't want to make a girl cry.
He should have thought of that before he ruined my spirit.
I wish I was an eagle.
Or a horse.
Anything but who or what I am now.
I want me back.
The real me.
The me that everybody liked.
The genuine Guardian of the forest.
The real Clare.

Prisoner of Ra

In the chamber of Egypt
an archeologist unburies
a stone.
The stone is covered in hieroglyphics
that are virtually unreadable.
But there is one thing that is clear:
the newfound curse of ra.
The curse is one with terrible consiquences.
Anyone who comes within close range
of the stone will suffer in the
Sun god's chamber forever more.
It is sadly too late for this
archeologist,who is holding the stone in her hands. The curse of Ra has been
unleashed upon her already.

No matter
I was lonely
A lonely outcast
Before I met you…
But I’ve changed, changed enough to love you…
No matter how far,
No matter how near,
I’ll always be with you in your mind,
Or your heart,
Or your spirit…
I never had anyone to love,
But now I know who I dream of.
The way that you talk me,
The way that you calm me down…
You cheer me on.
You love me.
I love you.
I always will…
No matter what my destiny is.
No matter how I die.
If I live,
If I don’t,
I’ll not care,
But the time will go by.
When I met you I had my doubts,
But when my heart came about,
I loved you,
And I told you,
I was embarrassed beyond all dreams,
But now we’re lovers.
You’ve led me
In a new direction
You’ve changed my life forever
I’ve loved you
Since I met you
But now I see
That you’ve been testing me
My rash decisions,
My stupid comments
But you changed me from the inside out!
Now I’m nicer and more happy!
I will always remember you!
Whatever happens to me!
No matter what it may be!
Don’t get sad
Get glad
Be happy,
Because I’ll always, always
Be with you!

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