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Poetry By [Raerlas]

Finding Home... Earth

There he goes, fighting agianst the wind,
Wondering when he'll see her agian,
Fighting the storm that keeps him at bay,
Hoping to win this fight today,
His wings unfurled agianst this might,
His long golden body, held in this place,
Tenses when the raging wind comes to chase,
He fights with his all might to escape this realm,
Only to lose his dreams of success.

Crashing waves and whistling winds come no more,
Silence is the beconing door
Shooting forth his golden blaze,
Nothing blocking his way from this place,
So he makes his way home,
Leaving behind his miseries and woe,
He travels far and wide,
Only finding his world changed by far,
Millions of humans are left in his world,
No magic is left on Earth for him to see,
Yet here he remains alone for eternity.

Robin Lynn Race

Copyright ©2004 Robin Lynn Race

She Misses You

Every day since you left,
She has cried for things un-said,
Wanting to know if you had felt the hurt,
Or even known you had to go,
Somedays she whishes she could say good bye,

But she still can't understand about her life,
Admitting you are gone is hard for her,
But knowing she'll see you someday,
Helps her through this hard time,

She loved you then,
as she does still,
For as shes is in this world,
Her love will be true,

She misses you,
And always will,
Till she gets to see you ,
In the wonderful place you are now.

Robin Lynn Race

Copyright ©2004 Robin Lynn Race

The Fight of Siblings

she stood there watching the sun setting;
not knowing but yet knowing it was her last,
tears coming to her eyes for her life would soon be done;
her last day was one of loving memories.
standing proud agianst the wind she faces her enemyl;
who shares her blood,
knowing this fight would end them both;
she faces him still.
she faught him hoping to save her land; knowing he should die,
hoping that she would go from this life; ending it in bravery.
it was long and hard before she managed to wound him mortally;
yet she was also,
she hoped all would end with his death;
hoping her land would return from its brown shattered depths.
once he fell she saw his eyes turn up;
knowing at once her brothers life was at end,
hoping her lands would turn green agian;
she died without knowing at last her lands freedom.

Robin Lynn Race

Copyright ©2004 Robin Lynn Race

Trusting Love of a Unicorn

He stood there under the moonbeams, glowing in the silver-blue shroud
Paying no attention to the rising mist, coming up to him
Dreaming about places far, far away
Knowing he can never go back.
His dear human friend, who taught him to trust
Was lost to him four years past,never knowing when she would be back
She was not of his world, coming lost and alone
Hurting and afraid of animals here, until he found her there.
He had healed her then, gaining her never ending trust
Reaching into her past, discovering whence she come.
He had to help her back, knowing time would be lost
Trusting she would come back to him
And learning that trust can be turned into love.
He stands there still, waiting for her to come
Wandering his world, looking for his long lost love.
He heard a voice calling to him, a voice that was long missed
He found her there, sitting apon a log in the thin mist
Feeling her hands in his long silver mane, joy went through him
Knowing she was back, and would stay with him.

Robin Lynn Race

Copyright ©2004 Robin Lynn Race

Wild Ones

thunder runnning through the gullies,
over the shards of razar sharp rocks,
through the raging white waters,
and on the chilly white snow.

they run freely on this earth,
for the joy they show,
running fast to keep up with the wind,
flying as only they can.

herded then as they are now,
by some beatutiful creature,
they know only as theirs,
creating more to come.

beautiful creatures running strong,
may you stay as you are,
living there in the mountains,
hoping to stay in freedom found.

Robin Lynn Race

Copyright ©2004 Robin Lynn Race

Going Fishing...?

Little fishes in the lake,
Should I worry about actually catching you,
Or being eaten too?

Should I watch the water,
Or pretend no to care,
Even pay attention to whats around my chair.

Looking down I thought I saw,
A little fish swiming along,
Until I had seen the big green eye looking at me.

Should I stay still,
Or should I run,
The creature below wants to have some fun...

Robin Lynn Race

Copyright ©2004 Robin Lynn Race

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2004-05-07 [Raerlas]: ack...there you go...more work up.....well here at least.

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