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Poetry By [PorcelainMachete]


A young boy once met a woman
And in this woman he met destiny
And he embraced fate for the first time
And he laid himself waste in red seas
And he drank of the stars in her eyes
Bleeding with the intesnity of that night
And he took averything the woman had
And lost it all to his lover in the sky

The young boy stayed with the woman
Who cared for him like her own
And the boy lavished her with gifts
And loved her well in their home
In time the two became lost
For they soon became as one
Lovers in a world manifested
With a thousand moons and but one sun

But there would come upon a change
When the young boy became a man
And those silly dreams did leave him
Though he saved them best he can
And the woman was put aside
For the time did call to leave
And though he promised to return
The woman couldn't help but weep


Kiss of poison, kiss of death
Take away my final breathe
Fill my veins with powder sweet
Unleashe its power with liquid heat
Silver spoon my closest friend
Carry me untill the end
While this feeling is sustained
Godly presence in my vein
Close this book before its time
My life I find no longer mine
See no more these eyes in me
Alive I can no longer be


Angel of Mercy
Take me into your warm embrace
Hold me Tightly
And carry me out of this place

I'm ready to be forgiven of my sins
I'm ready to be released of my chains to him

Oh let me see the world I've never seen before
Help me to feel the joy I've overlooked before
Lift me above the smoke of this dieing place
And help me to breathe again
As I breathe you in

Angel of Mercy
Feel my heart as it beats for you
Beauty that hurts me
You know this love couldn't be untrue

I'm ready to leave and start my life a new
As long as that holy life begins with you


Me and my addiction
We will make it through the night
And when it takes hold
I won't put up a fight

Me and my addiction
We give and we take
I give it my everything
And it takes without thanks

Me and my addiction
We never say what we mean
And my addiction to it
Just doesn't mean a thing


Suicide notes and candy canes
Let me spill on you like wine
Lick me like the envelope and bend
I think it's time we crossed the line
Let's fuck shit up and leave it
I scream, my head implodes
I gotta free myself of this desease
A crippled, twisted soul

Red food coloring
Makes water inviting
'Cause really it's costly
And I'm not that gaudy

Fantasize about letting go
I'm rather tired of this breathing
Give me your oxygen dear
I feel the velvet lining, sinking

Red food coloring
Makes water inviting
'Cause really it's costly
And I'm not that gaudy


How do you kill what has lived for so long
The rivers of passion have run dry
I can no longer kiss the lips of the dead
And the time has come for goodbye

But can I look at your face and tell you these things
Will I be able to hold my own
When you say to me back that you couldn't care less
Will I hate to be left all alone

If I do find the courage, can I call you right back
Will you still return to my arms
Or will I have blown every last bit of chance
And see you loving someone else's charms

I couldn't have that, I wouldn't have that
So I guess all I have left to do
Is to swallow my pride and dry all my tears
And keep telling myself to love you

"The Man Who Had No Dream"

In a world inhabited with people crying,
People living and people dying,
Breathed a man who took breath away.
His eyes would flash, his smile would gleam,
His hair would fall in curling streams,
His mind would blank, his heart, it did decay.

This man was said to love the flesh,
Loved to see two bodies enmeshed,
He didn't care much for what he couldn't feel.
He was always being offered things,
Beautiful girls with beautiful rings,
He didn't care much for what he couldn't steal.

He loved one woman more and more,
Oh, all the things he'd held in store,
He had the power to rip her at the seams.
To the naked eye he was the perfect man,
Smart in mind and strong in hand,
Too bad he was the man who had no dreams.

"Rose Red"

When the Grimm of my fairy tale started to shine through
That was the time in my life I met you
You wicked witch of the north with the sweet golden pear
Soul so black and skin so fair
You smiled and I failed and I took notice
And the way that you stared only made me feel nervous
When even the numbers you threw couldn't make me scare

So you lead me to that place of candy and nice
Even if the birds I pass sing to me to "think twice"
I can't hear them, keep whispering in my ear
And touch me more to escalate my fear
You know I want you to lie me down
Replace my fake smile with a rightful frown
Make it so the pain only grows without you near

It's not a secret that my prince was a toad
You were the first good thing on the side of the road
You picked me up when I stumbled and fell
You carried me from a public to a private hell
I want this to be perfect, want it to last
I want you to help me forget all my past
So when we've said everything three times and more
It'll be straight to the sex, then straight for the door

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2004-09-30 [littleflyingmoo]: Heavy...

2004-10-02 [PorcelainMachete]: Lol. Thanks? ^_^

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2004-11-22 [PorcelainMachete]: Thanks a bunch! ^_-

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