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Poetry By [nicoleta]

A "Friend"

Here I sit
Waitng to die
Hoping that git
wont even try

Here I sit
And I wonder why
Hoping I'll get
to say 'goodbye'

What will she do
When the time comes
Attempt Kung-Foo
Or fire a gun?

Will I flee
Or stand to face
What comes at me
and leaves no trace

And over I'll go
Without a word
Because of my foe
I'll end in mud

And in the grass
I'll stay
After the mass
But will she pay?

'What goes around, comes around'
Or so they say
She'll be found
she'll sit and pray, some day

Hoping, waiting
And when the time comes
She'll feel the sting
'Cause I was still young!

She'll end-up under grass
My faceless foe
My face a mask
Gaising my foe

Oh the woe!!!
Oh the woe!!!
Oh the woe!!!

© Lynne Monaghan aka [nicoleta]

By The Moonlight

I rise and stare at the moon
The only light of the sun I've seen
For 3000 years or more, I've moaned
At my choice to be the thing I've been

I start to get dressed for the hunt
All lace, velvet and silk
The colour of blood, to catch the brunt
Of the people that like cattle I'll milk

Out into the darkness I'll go
Up lanes and down the back streets
I'll stalk my prey and achieve my goal
A young man fair of skin, oh such a treat

My thirst draws me close, and closer still
My steps in time with his beating heart
I feed, and feed and get my fill
The kill for me is of the purest art

I seduce the poor wretched souls
I twinkle my eyes and purse my lips
I caress his warm flesh with my cold
I'll lead him slowly, coldly to his everlasting kip

Once the deathly dance is done
The feast over
Nothing has been won
Forever I'll look over my shoulder

Walking, walking through the night
Ending in the silent peace
Wishing, wishing with all my might
For my release

© Lynne Monaghan aka [nicoleta]

All Life Is Change

The cold approaches
All is dusk, not dawn
The dark rushes down
The light goes

The leave turn brown
They fall to the ground
They crack underfoot
They litter the ground

Auld Hallows Eve comes
All is not as it seems
Time for the paranormal
For remembrance and new beginnings

Next come the bangs and booms
Multi-coloured sky
Heaped fires
Spreading warmth

Near the dead of year
Comes rejoicing and celebrations
Drinking beer and wine
A time for embracing

At the end
Follows the start
Time for new life and growth
Time for hope

© Lynne Monaghan aka [nicoleta]

The Vampire Myth

Going to bed before dawn
Rising at the setting of the sun
Sleeping all day long
Out at night to hunt

Feeding on blood
Not aging a single day
Immortal no matter what
You have to stay

Enter only by invitation
What mistakes that people make
Time for lamentation
No garlic, crosses, or stakes

Holy water or sanctified ground
May be our only salvation
One place you can't hound
No matter the occasion

© Lynne Monaghan aka [nicoleta]

Thirteen And Ruined

From thirteen you dream
Of the elusive drink
Everyone it seems
Is on the brink

You ask your parents
First one then the other
‘NO!' says you father
‘NO!' says you mother

You beg, you plead
You hope and pray
But always ‘NO!'
Is what they say

You know what you need
And you get it in the end
You'll do any deed
For your new best friend

You cheat, you steal
And then you chill
Once you've secured the deal
You'll drink your fill

You'll turn to something more hardcore
To recapture that elusive thrill
But you know the score
So you mug, you kill!!!

Years go by
And you can't get out
So trapped in the circle, you die
Full of sadness and doubt

But it's not fair
Not right, but true
It's not the live you dared
But it's what fate chose for you

Or so say's your father
Or so say's your mother
First the one
Then the other

For in sadness and heartache
It's the only solace you'll know
And not truth – that you were weak
Not strong enough to let go

You didn't try
And so you failed
You died
They paled

© Lynne Monaghan aka [nicoleta]

Socially Invisible

They walk on by
Pretending not to see
Not even to hear
But they do see me

For hours on end I call for help
On all who pass me and pretend not to see
But perhaps they don't see me
Well not really

What they see
That they don't see me
Is the filth and grime
That seems to cling to me

They hear the slur
They smell the sourly stench
They make assumptions
About my character, about me

Well what can I say
Disappointed? Yes!
Hurt? True!
Blame? Me or you?

No I don't blame them
How could I
For what I see
Well, I see me

I see me
Mirrored in their passing glance
That mille second of note
That aggressive stance

They walk on by
But no…that can't…
Can't be me!

© Lynne Monaghan aka [nicoleta]

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