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30th July
40 members! Well done everyone! It's nice to see so many people with an interest in reading and sharing poetry. Now lets see if we can get it up to 50! :)

2nd July
Want even more people to see your poetry? Why not have your poetry featured in The Town Herald? This month's theme is a Midsummer Night's Dream, with butterflies, dragonflies and Faes. Just go to the Poetry Corner now!

5th May 2004
Magic Realms Poetry now has a new look! Woohoo! There is a new display picture on the main page, a banner for you to use in your elftown house, and even a pretty new page divider! Any comments and suggestions regarding the new look are welcomed.

2nd May 2004
The Magic Realms Poetry wiki has had the honour of being selected as one of theFeatured Wiki for the month! This means that there is a link from the Elftown Mainstreet to a page advertising our wiki. The description can be found at The Wiki Awards!. More publicity! So hopefully this wiki can grow into something more prestigious. Yay to us!

17th April 2004
Magic Realms Poetry is born!


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