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Poetry By [Melody_Rain]


I wish I was a bird
so i can fly
high high up
into the sky
lay on a cloud
and fall asleep
not a stir
not a peep
then I'd wake
and fly to the moon
sleep again
until noon
oh it sounds
oh so nice
I wish i can pay
that little price
to be a bird
and fly
high high up
into the sky

Nights Melody

I wake again, to the night calling
the sun has gone down
the darkness falling
the trees whisper
into my ear
"come out to play,
theres nothing to fear"
the breeze tinkers a melody
and the wind sings a song
the moon sends out shadows
dancing on my lawn
my bare feet
walk across the ground
I start singing the nights tune
now I know I'm homeward bound


I wake in the morning
and turn on my lamp
hopeing today I wont be sent
to a concentration camp.
I'm quiet all day
And wish a lot
not to make a peep
not to be caught.
Every day
the horror I see
asking myself
"How can this be?"
I see millions of Jews
die each and everyday
for those who are alive
for them I will pray.
Late at night
I see the bombs fall
in over the city
our soldiers stand tall.
Every hour
they ring a bell
I count the days till the end of hell.
Oh no i hear a crash!
Oh no i hear a boom!
Horrible German soldiers
found where I room.
They grab my arms
I start to cry
they push me out the door
I don't want to die!
I try to struggle
to get free
I can't get away
Oh please let me be!
I finally get away
and run down the street
another German soldier
that I do meet.
He grabs me
hits me
holds me firm
the others come running
and this is what I learn.
I ran away
I pay the price
these German soldiers
arn't very nice.
They load a gun
and point it to my chest
I failed to survive
now I'll let it rest.
I see my family begging
for them to let me go
I sag in firm arms
my head bent low.
They shoot the gun
a bullet to my heart
my soul and my body
forever ripped apart
I fall to the ground
my I'm left bleeding
I lie there
my life fast leaving.
I turn my head
to the sad gray sky
now I know
that I must die
I close my eyes
it all goes dark
in heaven now
a new life I start
all is lost.
This is how I lived
in the Holocaust.
by Amber T. P.

Love's Riddle

Why is love
a constant riddle?
Is this how it's supposed to be?
life in a bindle?

Why is there pain
when your man turns cold?
Is this how it's supposed to be
when you let your love grow bold?

Why is romance
aflame at first, and in embers when time goes by?
Is this how it's suppoed to be
when you don't try?

Why does honesty
sometimes hurt?
If it's painful all the time
should I be alert?

Why is trust
the most important thing?
So I don't have to worry
about what dishonesty could bring?

Why is love
the way love should be?
I love him
don't you see?


what will it take to see the light?
will it be dim at first
or will it be bright?
some get lost in its evil grasp
some find the meaning of life
some take off that mask
the mask that covers the face
the mask that covers the soul
they find love, happiness
the purpose to know
to find their way
out of the dark
to find the light
to find your heart.

Lonely Man

See that lonely man there on the corner?
he seems to see everything
but yet nothing at all.
See that lonely man there on the corner?
in his hands there is a sign
in his eyes there is hunger
in his heart there is pain
See that lonely man there on the corner?
watching everyone pass by
no one doesn't even know that he's there.
do they even care?
See that lonely man there on the corner
with each day that passes
the hunger grows.
But yet he doesn't whine
he doesn't scream
he doesn't beg,
he just says please.
his sign says " Please, spare me a dollar, so my daughter can eat."
but no one notices the bundled little girl next to him.
Big tears fall from that small face with big blue hungry eyes.
Do you see that lonely man there on the corner?
Do you see him?
Do you care?

The Sweet Night Rains

Drip, drip
the rain sings.
On the lake
it makes rings.
The moon shines brightly
on the water front.
The night shadows
seek and hunt.
Jumping from tree to tree
when the moonlight shines
they cannot be seen.
The rain falls this night
making the leaves gleam.
They look like emeralds
so does it seem.
The leaves twinkle
with an unforgettable green.
The night is beautiful
but even more glorious when it rains.
The little droplets
make sweet little stains.
The sweet nights rain
falls tonight.
Come the morrow
night's rain will be gone from sight.

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