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Poetry By [KMR #1]

The Evil ~ I wrote this for Elftown Asylum

The Evil Coming is here!
Here it will come!
The only hope the world does have
Resides in each and every Asylim!

Sanity is coming!
Sanity is here!
The evil of the sane
Is the only thing I fear!
My Asylim: the only Place
Were I do not have to face
The Sanity thats here!

Sanity...Evil it is
The evil that make people
Screem and hold fists!
Evil...Sane thing do come
And twill be the doom of us all!

Save me! Have Mercy oh jacket!
Keep me safe and away from the sane!
Warding of evil!
Thats what you are!
Wrap me in your holy cloth!
And save me from the evil abrode!

Strate Jacket of all that is good!
Serve me well to save my madness!
Let my twich when others come near!
And when thay ask for a kiss, to bite off there ear!

Hold me away from
The Evil!

Spell Song of Intrances (in Karilago) ~ Written for both my story & Guild Book of Shadows

Ula Sava say Ve on toe Ve ontae
Ula Sava say Ve on toe Ve 
Ula Sava say Ve on toe Ve ontae
Ula Sava say Ve on toe Ve

Ula Hae Vela Asho Noe Day
Ula Hae Vela Asho Noe
Ula Hae Vela Asho Noe Kael
Ula Hae Vela Masha Noe Esh Ta

The Angel in Demons ~ For demon freaks

Demons have an Angel
Thats why some are cool!
Demons have an Angel
Thats why Demons Rule!

Thay can fish, and give to people
Demons can be kind.
The odd and diffirent powers
Make this world seem alive!

There are those who give demons
Very bad bad names
Blood rain is there idia
Of having fun and games

Shame on you bad Demons!
You should not do that!
What of the other demons
Who are punished for your crap?

Demons have an angel
And thay have fealings to!
How would you feel if
That demon was you?

Demons have an angel
Demons are like us!
The only differce is
Thay can do cooler stuff!

One Damn Question ~ Inspired by Controversial

The human race
Is a discrace
It bring but only pain
To tell the truth
I am ashamed
To be to them the same

So why?!
Damn God!
Oh why, oh why?!
Why do I only see?
Why am I the only one
To see things as thay be?!

Why pray to you?!
Cause thats how I was raised
To think that some great loving God
To me turned his gaise

Why Damit?!
Damnit! Why, oh why?!
Do fucking things like you
Make us mortal things beleave
That we'll find love in you?!

God I hate these humans!
I fucking hate I'm one!
If I wasent I would sing
This song that wont be sung

Cause humans are big asses
And there so-called god no more
Than a giant ignoramious
That morfed into a whor

So Why?!
Oh damn it! Why, oh why!
Why must we suffer so?!
Why must we live our fucking lives
Like bitches and basterds all

I'll ask but one question
So as to help us both
Whoever is reading this
Will soon know the truth

What are all the answers
That were questioned once befor
Why are we all asses?
And why is God a whor?

Time ~ Inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

A time of Sadness
A time of Joy
A time to play
With a New Toy

A time of War
A time of Peace
A time to rest
And take it easy

A time of Laughter
A time of light
A time to love
With all your might

A time of Screems
A time of Night
A time to Fear
Who has that Knife

A time of Evil
A time of Good

A time of Silence
A time of Song

A time of Seperation
A time of Brotherhood

A time for None
A time for All

A time for Time

A time to See
What Time can Tell

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