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Join Magic Realms!

Help me create this virtual library of elftown poetry by adding your name to the list below.


Once you have added your name, you will be given your own wiki page to add your poetry to and you can add the badge to your elftown house.


<*img src=*>
I am a member of [*Magic Realms Poetry@*wiki].
(Just copy and paste, then take out the stars)


- You will be notified when your Magic Realms page is available for you to add your poetry.
- All poetry is listed by author in alphabetical order.
- There is no restriction on the type of poetry allowed.


Add your name below

1. [Sheona] founding member
2. [Rin]
3. [Dark_Superman]
4. [Painted By Numbers]
5. [dragongirl005]
6. [Solan]
7. [Ylaraniala Majere]
8. [2prosper4ever]
9. [KMR #1]
14. [Raerlas]
15. [~Galadriel~]
16.[Karisla Sorium]
18. [adnihilo]
19. [Angel of Shadows]
20. [nicoleta]
21. [Archeress of Mirkwood]
22. [eimhin]
23. [memoryofashadow]
24. [RubyRose]
25. [Linderel]
26. [SilverBlue82]
27. [hermione_aislin]
28. [emmerlicious]
29. [OvertheMoooon]
30. [Melody_Rain]
31. [deleted, gone]
32. [Discordia]
33. [Lunitari]
34. [PorcelainMachete]
35. [jaguargal]
36. [Danno]
37. [Gemini of the Black Rose]
38. [mornen dragonchild]
39. [Your Crying Dollie]
40. [Arabian_horse]
41. [Doormat]
42. [BlacK_HearT]
43. [ludageke]
44. [vampuric angel]
45. [icarii]
46. [J Kale]
47. [Raven Shortie]
48. [Dezirae Darkone]
49. [Tarí Palantír]
50. [Moonkeeper of Arilestite]
51. [Koffles]
52. [Pink_Pixie]
53. [Lady Vira]


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2004-05-13 [Wild_Darkness]: Wild_Darkness

2004-05-13 [Sheona]: Are you wanting your name added to the list?

2004-06-02 [Melody_Rain]: hey um, can i have a page for my poetry??? please, i signed up :D

2004-06-07 [Sheona]: Sorry about the wait :S

2004-07-19 [Gemini of the Black Rose]: exactly how long do we have to wit until we get our page for our poetry

2004-07-30 [Lubyloo]: hey, erm, this is probably a silly question, but how do i add my name to the list?!!! xxx

2004-07-30 [Gemini of the Black Rose]: u hit edit page

2004-09-06 [Sheona]: Sorry everyone had to wait so long :(

2004-09-20 [vampuric angel]: I would like, if I may..... to have a my name added.

2004-09-22 [Sheona]: Add your name to the sign-up list if you're interested! However, now that yo've told me here, I'll just do it for you ;(

2004-09-28 [J Kale]: I added my name : ) Ummm...what do I do from here?

2004-12-30 [Tarí Palantír]: I've added my name already a few weeks ago. When will it be activated?

2005-03-01 [farawaygone]: Hello I would love a page for my poetry could you please help me with joining my username is [farawaygone] thankyou

2005-03-02 [zimbabwe biotch]: i want to be added *primo*

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