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Poetry By [jaguargal]

Ala Lacerta

Long, dark shafts,
towering up,
up into perfect points.
The dark walls,
climb ever upward,
closing in.
Darker and darker,
until one small point,
Then it is gone,
and I lie here,
tucked safely in my bed,


I see a tear fall from your check,
I see you sit there every day and weep.
I know it's hard to look me in the eye,
But you must do it someday,
Or forever you shall cry.


A dream is a place to go when you're lonely,
A dream is a place to go when you're bored,
A dream is a place you may think of as homey,
A dream is a dark place that flirts with your mind,
A dream is an echo,
After you have left us behind.


I feel so alone..
I feel so cold..
I feel like there is no one else there...
I feel like even if I were in the fires of Hell..
I'd still be frozen solid...
I wonder why I even bother..
But never..
Will I give up...

One of Those Nights

The frigid flakes fall down from the sky,
Stary and endlessly black.
A cluster of the small flakes land on my lashes,
slowly melting down onto my face.
I guess it's just one of those nights again..
I quietly murmur to myself in the silence
the soft white flakes cause.
I am alone again,
lost in this frigid waste,
Waiting for someone..
Waiting for the day I will be freed,
From this eternal winter...

No one..

Nobody knows I'm alive,
Nobody Realizes I'm here,
Nobody thinks where is she?
Nobody seems to care...

Will anyone find me?
Will sombody come soon?
Will everyone forget,
And leave me to die alone..?

Nobody notices I'm there,
Nobody talks til it's to late,
When I am already gone.
Nobody will find me,
I am all alone...


Bring a new instinct into you mind,
An instinct that you friends care for you,
And that they try not to hurt you.
Sometimes there are moments of friendly fire...
But that could always be an accident.
So think before you act..
And then, maybe no one else will be hurt.

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2004-12-04 [i'm sorry i can't be perfect]: Fiiii~! *ftga* Wheee, cool poems as always! Specially Ala Lacerte and One of Those Nights ^_^ You and Darby are too good, unlike moi >>;

2004-12-04 [jaguargal]: heheh ^^; I just wrote one of those nights in about..1 minute XD;

2004-12-04 [i'm sorry i can't be perfect]: lol. that's gooood

2004-12-04 [jaguargal]: danke :)

2004-12-05 [~AzureSkyy.-]: One Of Those Nights is really good Fi .. Lurve it. =b

2004-12-11 [jaguargal]: ^^

2004-12-21 [~AzureSkyy.-]: ANother great one .. You're growing as a writer already, Fi. ^.~

2004-12-22 [Sweet Decay.]: Fi Fi ^.^ 'Allo! Kewl poems! Lurve them bunches! Be seeing you!

2004-12-22 [i'm sorry i can't be perfect]: awww, cool new one. So sad though ;_; *hugs Fi*

2004-12-22 [~AzureSkyy.-]: =S

2005-01-27 [Sweet Decay.]: Fiona, let me know if you're alivers... I wanna talk to you. I miss you... Love your new poem, but its really sad...

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