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Poetry By [Doormat]

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Time for Burning

Three hours before daylight, stalker of the night,
Operation shock and destroy, time to deploy,
Cover of the morning mist, checking the hit list,
04:00 lock and load, killer instinct: termination mode,
Battlefield horrors of the abyss, the shooting, a faint hiss
Screams of surprise and terror, the last fatal error,
Chaotic battles upon the earth, a human life with no worth,
Mindless killers in society, an interesting mix; lots of variety,
Violence we enjoy and strive, an internal lust for human lives,
The mind of an assassin, in every child within,
The sharper the hunter, as our logic’s blunter…
Psychotic thoughts inside our mind, the infectious disease of human kind,
Government are controlled by puppeteers, all reasonable logic; disappears,
The earth is on life-support, its use and beauty; cut much too short,
Nuclear power: for energy, its usefulness for destruction a synergy,
To wage more destruction for it’s our nature, we are hunters; with no composure,
Imminent doom it’s just a game, the facts muddy and the reasons lame,
The weak and helpless we will slaughter burn the trees; contaminate the water,
Time for destruction with lots of burning, how do we win with tables turning?


A watched a little bug today,
It climbed a wall, and fell away,
It struggled to its feet, with a sway,
And climbed the wall that very day.

I thought to myself, why oh why?
A bug would work so hard and try,
In a single year, it’ll to die,
It’s final trip, a last goodbye.

The wall confinement, blocking its dream,
An evil enmity, a whole different scheme,
All alone, abandoned by it’s team,
It takes determination, to fight it seems.

For the bug would stroll and stroll,
Climbing walls and sticking poles,
It would destroy its body and its soul,
To reach it’s destination it’s only goal.

What Next?

A time for death, a time to fall,
A single win, to lose it all,
No longer a presence, to stalk the hall,
The life of a dreamer, brought to a crawl.

A place in heaven, where all is well,
Or time for payback, to burn in hell,
For time on earth, confined in a shell,
It’s not for spirits, to live and dwell.

An eternity of waiting, stuck in between,
A path of confusion, a bright light seen,
The thought of life, is made obscene,
The clock winded back, the slate wiped clean.

The enigma odd, the sky too bright,
Oh how I’ll miss, the incognito of night,
What lies beyond, just out of sight,
It just seems peaceful, maybe right.

As sudden as death, it’s sucked away,
The happiness gone, dead as day,
The sky destroyed, from blue to grey,
I refuse to go, not this way.

The snake that holds me, will always hiss,
The beauty of living, that I’ll miss
To mystery I ride, for doom or bliss,
Of a life I once lived, I’ll reminisce.


(Ten) Is an even number, two numbers in a pair,
A whole twin figure, not meant to create fear,
The countdown of a series, a group of numbers fine,

(Nine) A step towards the dark side, turning up the heat
Just another number, half a second heartbeat,
Awe inspiring horror, which leads us to our fate,

(Eight) A time for denial, searching for a clue,
Checking monitors and readings, what the hell to do,
Looking for a bible, to pray for help in heaven,

(Seven) A lucking number, naught no more,
Board your windows, close your doors,
Don't even try, it's impossible to fix,

(Six) The number of the devil, amplified beyond reason,
Start the blame game, accuse others of treason,
Hate and anger people strive, with so little time alive,

(Five) Half the time gone, or half of it full,
Time for action, not a time for bull,
Think so your brain goes sore, it doesn't matter anymore,

(Four) Funny how it means death, in Chinese
Breathe in a panic, breathe it in a wheeze,
Solitary confinement, waiting to be free,

(Three) A different kind of countdown, one much too short,
Time to enjoy the end, drink some bottles of Port,
Turning to one another, asking who, who, who?

(Two) Let's all go crazy, good enough for me!
Suicide's the answer, hangings in a tree
It's what the world calls for, of course it must be done,

(One) Panic and die, bag over your head,
You're better off running, better off dead,
No time for anything, no time to be a hero,

(Zero) Total Annihilation, ethereal pain and doom
Anywhere a room, for it is now your tomb,
Death and destruction everywhere, only the damned really care.

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