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Poetry By [Linderel]

Black dreams

Scarlet butterflies
and birds coloured raven black
flying towards the horizon
that shines a deep, angry purple

Skeleton dancers
under a pale white moon
painting a brilliant, terrifying dream
spreading their wings of a bat
with fairylike grace
too beautiful to watch

A play of the darkest night
is here before your eyes
horrified and blinding
Blinding with the scarlet butterflies
of your own blood

Dragon's daughter

Wings, claws and scaly skin.
But the body of a human,
the mind of a human
and the heart of a dragon.
No one wants to know her.
No one wishes to love her.
No, they do not even want
to see her.
She is alone.
A dragon's daughter.


My fall, my rise
'tis all but a dream
I dreamt this night
My last sunset
shines red in the sky
still lighting
everything around me
with a golden, soft flame
And I know,
oh, my love, I know
my time has come
to travel beyond the moon,
the stars
beyond the sun
into eternity

Endless nights

Seven times of the letter D
mark the paths of your life
seven beings of immortality
endlessly, tirelessly
wander through infinity
Without them
there would be only emptiness
endless nights

Dream your way to Destruction
Desire everything you see
Despair when Death finally comes for you
But know that your life
lived in Delirium
raised a smile to Destiny's lips

Lady Wintertime

A cold winter breeze
brushing my cheeks
whispering beautiful songs in my ears
playing with the white locks
of my frosty hair
My pale blue skin
glows faintly in the night
Snowflakes drifting
down for my delight
small, delicate fairy wings
fluttering as they come
I raise my head toward the skies
smiling to the stars
My heart sings and I rejoice
for it is winter again
And I am the Lady Wintertime


Nights pass into eternity
Pray for justice to the innocent
Look into the eyes of the dead
and say they are not forsaken
Promise them a paradise
that will never be
Children crying out for their parents
lost, lost in the woods


In the break of dawn
silent whispers
and soundless steps
echo in my memory

My eyes flutter shut
I feel cold, numb
my limbs I can barely move

Flashes of red
fire through my mind
I am bewitched

To stay here forever
my love, that is my only wish
to stay here forever
beneath this icy white blanket

Just to remember
what it was like
to be with you

Nightside of Eden

There is a place
where no light shines
where the creatures of the dark gather
and a good deed of any kind
is considered a crime to punish with death

There is a place
below and above
and all around us
inside, outside

A place called
nightside of Eden

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