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Poetry By [Angel of Shadows]

I tried to edit this page, but the thing ate it... So I'm gonna be lazy again and not update it for a while...

Broken Doll

A porcelain face framed in ruby curls
Highlighted amber in the pool of light
Shed by an overlooking street lamp
Lies gracefully upon the harsh asphalt
Silent and still on the nearly deserted street
Surrounded by a puddle of glistening blood
Intermingling with pungent bile and cerebral fluid
Leaking through the massive fissure
Cresting just above the beauty's ear.
Down the lane women strut
Prostitutes showing off their wares
Clad in ripped fishnet and body floss
Cackling their prices and rates to the shady passerby.
A few of the lucky ones get taken home
By a filthy man with a sleazy grin
Or in rare cases a similar woman.
None of them give a second glance to the broken doll
Sprawled beneath a streetlight
Assuming her liquor content was too much
Not one of the sparse headlights
That embrace her delicate and twisted form
Slow even for a better look as they drive on by
So it goes in the bad part of the big city
Where no one cares about the broken doll
Lying in the filthy gutter
Destroyed, forgotten and alone
Finding no peace in death
Forever on display underneath the warm street light.

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