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Poetry By [Afalahs]


Glaring at the Looking Glass,
  I feel not but repulse
The Mirrage staring back at me
  Is nothing but a false
A mockery of human features
  Spawned from my disgrace
That twists the blaring gaze
  That's thrown upon the Mirror's face

It stares at me with malcontent
  And crucifies my mind
And mercilessly makes me pray
  For Faith I cannot find
Even though I close my eyes
  I see it in my thoughts
It leers at me and haunts my wake
  Where strange desires are sought

I clench my fist, I trust it forth
  Shards of broken glass
Fall heavily like tears of ice
  I hope the pain will pass
Opening my eyes I see
  The impact's bruised my fist
And what's more, the rain of glass
  Have somehow slit my wrist

The scarlet drops make out a river
  Flowing past my feet
And even though my vision fades
  I see whom I shall meet
Face down in my crimson pool
  It comes to me again
The image from my Mirror
  Now my Love and only friend



This tale's about Alice, a young bonnie lass
Dreaming often of wonders and the looking glass
Puritanically raised under catholic rule
By a father possessed by Daemonical ghouls

Seventeen autumns had passed since her birth
And the seasons pace fast o'er this biblical earth
It came to this Night where she could find no rest
So in secret she fled from the mansion, unblessed

Her dance was macabre, though filled with delight
As she strode through the forest where stormcrows took
The sky blushed to crimson like raped maids of Light
As she stood forth the den of the old sodomite

This Night of Desire, now drapeth in Sin
By the horrors outside begging to be let in
To this Cavern of Lust where the ancient witch thrilled
Upon Alice, who felt like she had been fulfilled

They found her the next day, halfnaked and dead
Though a smile 'pon her lips and with stars in her head
Stigmata still wept 'tween her pearly white thighs
And the Family knew what had happened that Night

So ends this fable, so grim but so true
Even though it spawns madness like ravens in fugue
The morale it presents is an old one in spite:
Do not venture outside in the Forest at Night!


All I feel inside my Heart
Is anger and frustration
I defile my name of Age
And Beck under Temptation

All I need is one excuse
To grab my rusted blade
And pierce my silken skin until
The twisted vision fades

All I wish for is to feel
Another's numbing pain
Prevent the grief who brings to them
Tears of Acid Rain

All I pray for is to know
If my desire's shallow
But even God's religious candles
Flicker 'midst the Shadows



It is not made for Man to see
The Future rimmed in mystery
It is a blessing not to know
The things that Age and Time will show

One cannot see what lies ahead
With Tarot cards or crystals red
With cryptic signs or numbers seven
Or worships to an unknown Heaven

Unclear is the path of Life
We do not know when we shall die
Wether to be rich or poor
Or clawing still at Heaven's door

Use the Time given to Thee
Or Thou shalt suffer more than me!



The ghosts of my mistakes
Are justly clinging to my mind.
As I search for my lover
Whom no mortal man can find.

Never have I seen her face
And I don't know her name.
But still my thoughts are fixed on her
And wallowing in shame.

No preacher, no god can help me
On my quest to be restored.
And take her to her rightful place
This woman I adore.

But 'till that day I shall remain
Halfnaked and insane.
And taste the bitter wine of grief
And weep alone in vain.



I write these lines in graphite and
The tears that's 'pon my fingers
My Joy is lost to barren lands
Where memories still lingers

Numbing Guilt keeps me awake
This Night as many others
So read this poem, for goodness' sake!
Or Hell, why should you bother?

For I have left you in a time
When Love was put to fire
Or were those feelings rather mine
These unsecure desires...

Either way, I've lied to you
And thus shall not find rest
Untill confession's made to you
And lifted off my chest

For months now have my sleep been cursed
By Grief and gnawing Pain
And allways Guilt, no horrors worse
To bring the evening rain

My thoughts have allways turned to You
And filled my eyes with tears
And allways seeming to imbue
My deepest inmost fears

Which is the reason why I left
To dance with unknown Sorrow
And to this day my Heart's caressed
There is no Dawn tomorrow...

But please forgive me, even though
I do deserve to pay
In Blood, in Pain, in Death and so
Bring forth Another Day...


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