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2005-07-15 14:56:58
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Monsters OF Myth and Legend

I'm working on compiling the largest list of mythical creatures on Elftown.
Any one who finds a creature that i haven't mentioned please can you tell me. [ArchangelGabriel]

LOTRC Lord of the Rings creatures


Dragons (see Dracology)


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2004-07-07 [Penguinlord]: you need more pics

2004-07-08 [ArchangelGabriel]: yea but i need to finish the information before i ilistrate it. By the way, what do you think of the new Dracology sign, i thought i looked realy good.

2004-11-16 [ArchangelGabriel]: <img:>

2005-10-11 [shiakra]: If u whant i can help u with the imeges allso i like the sign

2005-10-11 [shiakra]: allso do u have a forum or wiki in elfpack i got the same name there and allso im under dark shiakra

2005-10-11 [ArchangelGabriel]: I'm sorry.. Try all that again so i can understand what you're saying

2005-10-12 [BlackDragon]: hehe.. =p

2006-04-02 [xido]: Can someone please release the password from Tengu, along with any other pages that may be connected to this page and yet unused. All beastie pages are welcome to the Creature_List, and should remain open for editing, so that others can post their additional info on pages as well. Thank you. I am watching that page, and would like to ask for a reply there intead of in these comments. ;)

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