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2008-09-26 14:01:56
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2004-04-22 [StupidStuff]: individual city wiki's still under construction

2004-04-23 [xido]: LOL!!! Great job, dude....  I want to post it on the main page of WFR....I bet you'd get people really quickly that would make characters....

2004-04-23 [StupidStuff]: Well I don't have the individual cities up yet

2004-07-24 [gothicmoo]: DUM DUM DUUUUM!!! ITS ME!!

2004-07-26 [xido]: o.O  you? who are you?

2007-01-17 [Torr-maat]: there everything is back here

2007-05-03 [xido]: I am glad you returned. ;)
Now to find RPers who would like to game as minotaurs.
All Minotaur Castes are prepared and definitive, right?

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