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2006-02-03 17:26:01
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From the Diary of Zero Montgomery - read this if you have not read the first installment. Even if you have, reading this will clarify a lot of fuzzy details. It will be compiled further as I work on the book, so it might change from time to time.

MGTMII: Death and the Unborn - Part one of four; introduction to the White Tigers, Introduction of Leon the Unborn.

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2006-01-27 [squall_kitty]: Okay, so it's not up yet. I got nuthin. ^_^

2006-01-27 [squall_kitty]: I will start editing and putting up what I have this weekend. As if anyone would read it. ^_^

2006-01-30 [squall_kitty]: Alright, working on an expo for you people who have no clue what goes on.

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