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Mainstreet Contest Voting



- These are links to the voting polls for official and unofficial contests run by Elftown members.
- Please leave a comment if you would like your voting poll added to MCV!
- Be sure to include the voting deadline if you have one.

Contest Voting Polls are listed in alphabetical order.

- [#Dated Deadline]    - [#Deadline By Voting Number]    - [#No Deadline]
                   - [#Advertising Tips]                      - [#Related Links]


Dated Deadline:


Deadline By Voting Number:


No Deadline:

- 30 Books
Hosted by [SilverFire]! [Featuring as needed]

- Creatures of Myth
Hosted by [Lothuriel]! [Featuring as needed]

- Easter Festival --> Easter Poll 2009
Hosted by Festivals! [Featuring as needed]

- FMAC_poll and FMAC_Compasses
Hosted by [Dr.Mandarian] and [xido]! [Featuring as needed]

- Kura's Color Contest --> The Contest's Colorful Voting Page
Hosted by [Kuramasgirl]! [Featuring as needed]

- Pagan God Contest --> <poll:76960>
Hosted by [Kuruni]! [Featuring as needed]

- Puppy Division --> Puppy Poll
Hosted by [Linderel]! [Featuring as needed]

-Show Us Your Character!
Hosted by [Lothuriel] [Featuring as needed]


Tips for making your contest known around Elftown:

- Invite people who might be interested in entering to your contest's wiki page.
- Write about it and place the link to it in your diary.
- Write a link to your contest on wiki-pages or in wiki-comments.
- Write a posting about your contest in the <forum:Advertising in Elftown>.
- Write the link to your contest in your mood.
- Write about your contest in your presentation.
- Ask here (MC) for a note about your contest to be placed on Mainstreet's Calendar.
- Add your contest's link to any of these that are applicable:

- Art Contests    - Writing Contests    - Photo Contests


          Related Links:          

- MC - To advertise your contest on Mainstreet!
- MC - Archives - Contests' history advertised with MC.
- MC - Idle Contests - Contests with questionable activity status.

           Other Related Links:           
- Competitions
- Contest HOW-TO
- Art Contests
- Photo Contests
- Writing Contests

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2006-11-11 [Kileaiya]: Ah, that's better. See, now why didn't I think to do that?

2006-11-11 [Sunrose]: *HUG* :D

2006-11-20 [Sunrose]: Meh I think I actually did tell you the wrong text on the banner True, looking at the other wiki.
Which is why you shouldn't ask me stuff at 1 am! :P

2006-11-20 [True, plain and simple]: omfg. Decide. :P

2006-11-20 [Kileaiya]: Contest voting matches MC, we want to match do we not? =P

2006-11-20 [True, plain and simple]: Well, Calendar Voting didn't make sense to me in the first place, which is why I asked. Then she tried to be all tricky and stuff and change the wiki to say that, so I was forced, helplessly, to write it incorrectly the first time. ;_;

In short: Yes, we (should) want to match. :P

2006-11-20 [Kileaiya]: :O Naughty Sunny! :P

2006-11-20 [Sunrose]: It was 1 am! And you started babbling about why it would be wrong, I had no idea what you were saying xD

2006-11-20 [True, plain and simple]: You should have just believed me! ;)

2006-11-30 [iippo]: 30 books is voting on Elftown's "30 books you must read before you die" -list. It's not a contest as such, but could it still be mentioned here (booyaah, it already is now in this comment! xP) on this wiki since it is a voting that will represent Elftown's choice, and anyone can vote, even if they haven't read all the books.

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