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Art 3rd Grade to Now

3rd Grade: Age 9

A kid in my 3rd grade class as Elvis
<img100*0:stuff/aj/2039/1262892543.jpg>Aliens. The Neptuners concept evolved into Zist's people. Weird, I know.

4th-5th Grade are Missing: Age 10-11

6th Grade: Age 12

This character didn't last long
This character has been up and down.

7th Grade: Age 13

I envy my old ability to improve to quickly... but the dialogue... holy shit HAH!
This is Silyen, you'll see a lot of him
An old friend of mine thought this was the best picture ever. Holy shit.

8th Grade: Age 14

This was the beginning of my dreaded anime phase AND my chubby face stage.
This is also when I got photoshop and hopped on the internet. I lost all the digital files.
Silyen (then Sleam) suffering from chubby face.

Freshman Year High School: Age 15

My other examples from this year are all Naqada/Zist/Sully pics, but uh, yeah, this was horse face year. I went from chubby face to horse face.

Sophmore Year HS: Age 16

I can't tell you what happened between freshman and sophmore year but... I'm really happy it happened.
I drew women sometimes. See?
I should've given Silyen his own section. He's the character I drew the 4th most, apparently.
This was cool.
This as the year Ace Athanasia was born.

Junior Year HS: Age 17

This was neat. Junior year was pretty slow for me.
FRANK RICHARDS! Some people call me crazy... FRANK RICHARDS! I even kick small babies!
I'm still toying with recycling this guy.

Senior Year HS: Age 18

This is were I stop improving drastically. I've snailed along since this year. I look at the explosions in my earlier years and get really frustrated.
Still some anime... I suck.
I wish I had the colored digital files for my old stuff. I've been using photoshop since 8th grade.
Least my anatomy/perspective's improving

Freshman Year College: Age 19

Fun times. I really don't remember what I did this year...
Oh yeah! This was circus yeah!
Hey! My faces are improving!

Sophmore Year C: Age 20

Mobster M year. I was also depressed, and didn't make much art.
Moooobster M.
Gemma needs love
This thing... I kinda went off in a weird way this year.

Junior Year C: Age 21

I'm really trying to work on folds and lighting. I've... had issues with fold forever.
Folds folds folds
Decided to add some alien action

- So! This year isn't finished. I feel a lot of the reason I've lost my thunder is because I've had no time to work on large personal art projects. Senior year in high school, I did this kinda stuff for class. I was rewarded for it. Now I'm surrounded by fine art snobs that force me to make abstract shit. Sad times. But, I really need to draw more. I feel like I could blow my high school stuff out of the water if I really buckled down. I'm very disappointed that art school hasn't really had any effect on the quality of my art. I need to start trying again.

Specific Character Evolutions


Naqada's transformation from a fruity cat boy prince to a fruity human... guy.

6th Grade. THE first picture of Naqada.
6/7th? Grade. Naqada's butch period
7th Grade?Naqada became super pointy at this point.
Definitely 7th Grade. This was this story's big year. I drew it's characters, wrote it, I worked on it constantly. It's all I did, and tis is what kitten wore nearly the entire time.
Freshman H? Thank god I gave up on anime.
Sophmore/Freshman? He lost his hair flip.
Sophmore H Again. What the hell happened in sophmore year?! I got so much better!
Sophmore year? His flip is back...
Sophmore/ Junior? He's so gay
MYSTERY. This looks old quality wise, yet it has no hair flip, and has ancient clothes... which would make it more recent than the others... no idea friends.
Junior Year? Here he is with no flip and ancient clothes again. I dunno.
Junior Year? Being gay with the flip back.
Junior Year This was the color pencils year.
Junior/Senior? Nice Kopesh thar
Junior/Senior? Thick neck. I had a big plan to color this, I remember.
Senior Year Looks chubby...
Senior Year Oh it'sa kitty. His skin's starting to become darker like I imagine it now.
Senior Year I don't know why this is tilted

- I haven't seriously tried to draw kitten since highschool. I have totally redesigned his personality, so his face will have to reflect that. I'll try to draw him soon.


Zist's transformation from a long eared alien bad boy whore into a short eared alien bad boy whore. I love him.

6th Grade Oldest Zist picture I could find. There were older ones. I remember drawing him on an alien calendar in 4th grade. Yup.
7th Grade Look at them ears! Holy crap!
7th Grade? Toilet seat... necklace... Zist had this hair cut FOREVER.
8th Grade Zist suffers the effects of my 8th grade chubby face period.
8th Grade Still chubby face. Zist is underage drinking.
8th Grade WHORE! I love him.
Freshman Year Slutty slutkiss. I love him.
Sophmore/Junior? I just... He's a great guy.
Junior Year Zist dawns his classic gray and blue. Rawr. His hair though... whaaat?
Junior Year Happy sigh.
Freshman Year College This is Zist's new hair but his jaw is all wrong. This is not hot enough. I needa draw him.



Sully's transformation from a twitchy sensitive elf man into a twitchy sensitive all powerful god thing living in an apartment with two obnoxious kids.

7th Grade HAHAH! He's so ugly! In 4rth and 5th grade, I didn't draw, I made sculpty sculptures. I still have like... three little Sully's.
8th Grade? This was Sully's evil period. Even current Sully has an evil period.
Gotta be 8 too Same design as the last one.
Freshman High School Horse face stage. I mostly drew Sully freshman year, apparently. Hence why all my freshman drawings are here in the sully section.
Freshman Year Complete with sophomore me crits.
Freshman/Sophomore? His ears are less blocky.
Fresh/Soph? No idea about this one.
Sophomore? Sully had INSANE hair for a little while.
Sophomore Year Sully combs his hair.
Junior Year Hahah, I love Sully.
Fresh/Soph College Sully is my hero.

- I haven't drawn these three guys for like... all of college. You have no idea how ashamed I am of myself. I need to fix that. I need to fix that NOW.

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2010-01-08 [Chel.]: I actually really enjoy the work you did at 16. I should put up some of my old stuff to. When I was a kid, I always drew really big heads :P
I love the character evolutions too! Zist was ALWAYS sexy!

2010-01-08 [NOOOPE]: I was surprised at my sophomore stuff... to the point I was a bit pissed that I hadn't done much better since then.

I love Zist. His smile never changed. i find it oddly hilarious.

2010-01-08 [Chel.]: I love this one: <img50*0:>

The figure is a bit stiff but I love how it was rendered.

2010-01-08 [NOOOPE]: I was thinking about bringing back that character. It's name is Amaliel. It's this genderless angel thingy.

2010-01-08 [Chel.]: Do it! :3

2010-01-08 [kay-chan]: It freaks me out cuz I've known you for a lot longer than I thought I have. But! It's pretty cool to see that. It was a mind trip.

2010-01-10 [Yncke]: Perhaps you could add this page to Show your process?

2010-01-11 [NOOOPE]: Sure. Shouldn't it be... "show your progress" though?

2010-01-11 [Yncke]: Yes, but it was started with 'process' and has stayed that way. :)

2010-01-11 [NOOOPE]: This page isn't a collage, however... I mean, I will, but I think it's breaking the rules.

2010-01-11 [Yncke]: Not all progress pages are collages. Take Veltzeh's progress, for example. :) This page fits the idea of Show your process, so why not add it? ;)

2010-01-11 [NOOOPE]: Shall do!

2010-01-11 [Yncke]: :D Great! Thanks.

2010-04-02 [*Phoenix*]:
I really like the pose on this one. You should color it!

2010-04-02 [NOOOPE]: I did color it long ago, but my coloring skills at the time where... lacking. It turned out horribly. Maybe I could recycle the pose in a new drawing.

2010-04-02 [*Phoenix*]: Aww...That stinks.....but that sounds like a great idea!! Good luck with that. I know you can pull it off beautifully!

2010-04-02 [Chel.]: Naked? :3

2010-04-02 [NOOOPE]: Heehee! Ya know, Zist would. Also it'd make the upside down folds easier. However... because my family glances at my stuff now and then, maybe he'll have tighty whites or something.

2010-04-02 [Chel.]: Haha! That works...

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