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The Continent of Lune

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Lune is a giant continant with a variety of sentient life and landscapes and land types. From temperate forests in the mid-north to tropical jungle in the low south. There are deserts and mountains as well. Rivers, lakes, and landlocked seas crisscross and dot the continant. Among the ruling species are the Humans, Pure Elf, Dwarf, and a kingdom of Mercreatures (Merfolk & Naga) that live in the largest of the landlocked seas. The contested races that constatly strive for a hold are Orcs, Goblins, Drow, Ogres, and Trolls. Sometimes they work togeather but mostly they are exclusive to their own.

The lands of Lune are completely unmagical. About Five-Hundred years ago a catacalysmic disaster occured in which all ability for the land to produce magic or even support the casting of magic collapsed. Sorcerors and Magicians have tried as many methods of bringing their own magic into the land to no avail. No talisman could be drawn upon and no plane of power seems to be accesible in the magic baron land. Not even Death Magic is available to be drawn upon. Faith has become huge among the separate sentient species.

The Ruling Kingdoms of Lune

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1: The Land of Galtor A kingdom of Humans!


2: The Mountains of Morduk A kingdom of Dwarves!


3: The Lowlands of Eldorain Loftull A kingdom of Elves!


The Sub-Kingdoms and Dark Kingdoms of Lune

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *



1: The Sea of Naga Falls The LandLocked community of MerCreatures


2: The Orc Community of Throgrim The Benign Orcs of Lune


3: The Eerie The Home of the Lune Pheonixi




1: The Lairs of The Goblin Hordes The Goblin Hordes


2: The Drow Cities The Dark Elven Community


3: The Clans of Hel The Clans of Black Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls


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2004-02-28 [MathiasIV]: I cant think of any other communities to add here. Unless you think we should put Tearra Rehm here as well. I was thinking we could ReVamp the WFR page to be THE main page. In which I would put a link on ALL of these pages to the main WFR page. That would make it easier for people to go from Lune to Eastonia to Tearra to WHATEVER haha. Tell me what you think, they are all empty (at this time anyways)

2004-02-29 [Hutch]: keeeeeewl

2004-02-29 [xido]: VERY nice work. It's nominated for WFR....oh, and hey.....I'm looking at it's in. Thanks for coming, and stop again soon, folks. Have a great day, and thank you for shopping at Efltown.

2004-02-29 [Hutch]: lol

2004-02-29 [MathiasIV]: Eep, Ive been LoLed

2004-02-29 [Hutch]: ah, ye sure have... kinda

2005-04-04 [xido]: Please come back soon, Mathias! I NEEEEEED you!  x.op Lune is featured now, just as I promised.... too bad we're screwed so far.... People don't dig big settings.... most are looking for an open RP in some dank tavern with someone they can pretend to hit on and go to their tavern room with..... :P grrr..... oh well.

2006-03-11 [xido]: PLEASE!!!!!!

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