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Character Name:

Lt. Connor D'Andrei

User: [xido]

Race: Human (Earth)

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Rank/Class/Title: Lieutenant Commander of the US Marine Special Task Forces (classified unit under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Roary Baldwin)


  Height: 5'10"
  Weight: 175#
  Build/Stature: Muscular lean
  Eye Color: Dark Brown
  Hair Color: Light golden brown
  Flesh Tone: lightly tanned caucasian
   (Nationality): America (Megalithica)
   (Tribe): n/a
(No Artworks, imagery or media)

  Outstanding Marks or Features: a USMC tattoo with eagle on a crest on his left bicep/shoulder
  Clothing/Uniform: Connor does not wear a fashion of clothing, only his service fatigues and workout clothes. When not on duty, he dresses in common jeans and t-shirts he receives from the supply office out of the local air force base.
He is a handsome man, rough cut and very upright in demeanor, and has a taste for complete conformity above all other appearance factors. He is not a welcoming person while on duty, but can be friendly to other human beings.

  Feats and Abilities: Formal Education (Marine Core Intelligence and Special Task Forces), Professional experience in combat, intel, tactics, communications, and other military and political experiences.
  Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: All hand-to-hand, close range, long range, digital, laser-guided, and new technologies.
  Weapons on hand: Large, semi-automatic rifle and eighteen remaining cartridges (20 bullets each), four grenades, radiation undergear and mask, 2 light bombs, 4 canisters of tear gas, backpack and supplies
  Spell or Talent Use: none
   Divine or Arcane Spell Use: n/a
  Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: n/a
  Psionic Abilities or Talents: n/a

  Strengths and Weaknesses: Connor is strong in mind, but weak in holding back his temper when outraged. He is not afraid to die, and is not afraid of a bad fight. He is egotistical and completely conformist. He is well-educated and well-mannered around civilized humans. He has no previous history or contact with hara.

Connor is a bit of a stooge, since he is in fact, one of the most hopelessly conformist people around. He is somewhat mild-mannered around most everyone in his very small 'civilized world' which is quickly disappearing... though when drunk, he can get rather lewd, outlandish, brutally honest, and sadistic. He has been known to make bad moves and decisions while intoxicated, or even in the heat of the moment of passion, whether for love or aggression.
Connor can be a very rude and irritating person if you are on his bad side, which is nearly anyone 'below' him. Connor lives in a world of politics, media drama, wars, and fallacy, and therefore lives in a sort of bubble, waiting to be burst. He is shocked and terrified by the turn of events worldwide, and now being in the very midst of it, is utterly horrified that this could perhaps happen elsewhere as well, and that is what has stirred his motivations thus far.
He is not in love, but has been. His heart was torn out when the woman of his dreams decided that she was a lesbian. This event compiled onto the memories of an uncomfortable event in his teenage years led him to accept a rude and intolerable view of homosexuals and sexual deviancy. Because of his complete lack of understanding about the biology of this new race, his will is being tested as he suspects more of what is happening to the people around him.
To him, hara are like vampires, a menace to be driven with a stake and burnt alive.
 Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: n/a, Connor is a rather dry and unpredictable guy, so no real habits show themselves often in his life to recur.


Equipment and Belongings:


Developments and Updates:
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Wraeththu RPG Info:

Name: Will (xido), Co-Moderator
AIM screen name: xidoraven (unused)
Yahoo screen name: xidoraven (always used)
Time Zone: Eastern USA
Previous RPG experience: Much, varied, creative and moderating
Moderator? Yes

Character Profile
Name: Lt. Connor D'Andrei
Age when incepted: n/a
Appearance: as above
Personality: as above
Special Abilities/Mutations: n/a, seemingly unaffected by nuclear radiation, even without mask or radiation suit
Other notes: trapped in the nuked city after military forces began quarantining the city and effectively trapping those who could not escape within the walls.

Writing Samples:
Agh'Mahaiil, a wraeththu tribe of the city
purple vortex a fantasy campaign
Golidere's Parlor a scifi/fantasy elven story
Myrannen Tributaries a rest at a mage's hidden estate, featuring harrish fantasy characters, including Dtalk, my incepted wraeththu character

Wraeththu RPG

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