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Welcome To The Lovers of Poems!


This wiki is a safe zone! And the second wiki that is a safe zone EVA!

"I kept the right ones out... and let the wrong ones in... had an angel of mercy to see me through all my sins..." - From "Amazing" by Aerosmith I thought this was really sweet, wrote to me by Jake, thanks baby *mwah*

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This is for everyone who loves poems, its for people to chat, show their own poems and comment on others!

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[Same old same old!]
[dreams of pain]
[Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]
[I dont exist anymore]
[kate, short for bob!]
[Ghost Walker]
[Entity of the Forest]
[Eschew Obfuscation]
[Fractured Heart]
[Love me. Hate Me. I'm still on UR mind.]

This is for all thoes who rly like a poem or sumink and would like to say it. Its here because then its not riiight at the bottom n ya dont have to scroll to far to make a comment! BUT dont feel the need to say a poem is good just coz some1 has said yous is.

I think Jakes ( [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]'s Poem is well ace!!!

Oy! [FudgeStix] poem really made me laugh!!! And Sarah's is awesome too!- jake "Iron"

Wow! I LOVE 'The Remnants of Love' by [tenshi-ryuu]

[FudgeStix]'s poem should be put into an actual poem format...r.ather than a long paragraph XP -Diablo


I have to look up
While i still feel alone
Darkness around me
To small to moan.
Daggers in smiles
Deep in my back
I hide my tears
Yet my smile starts to crack.
Self-depression drowns me
My worth seems to die
No-one notices
Alone i cry
[Same old same old!]


Black & White
Dreams slowly falling down out
of my head thoughts going out of
controll hiding in my pocket on
a piece of paper writen in Black
& White.Having not what i wanted
but what i losted once before
creeping back now into a nightmare
on a little piece of paper written in
Black & White..
[dreams of pain]


Teenage boys whats the point? All you do it stare, at naked women on TV screens, withlong flowing hair, stupid kinky scary with old balding men, making gurgled noises, like a slowly dying hens, Then you get the lesbian stuff, every move fake, pretening to be enjoying it, and thinking for goodness sake, A simple life you must lead, If all you do is stare, At naked women on TV screens, With long flowing hair.



[Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]

Sonata Dream

The other day I climbed a tree.
I climbed to the top then it sang to me.
In his song of sorrow he let me see
That what was gone and that what would come to be.

I sat atop that lonely tree.
Not a step or stair did I flee.
We sang together above all decree.
What once was he, for now is she.

Words that lingered lost their meaning.
I sat in my tree and gleaned of dreaming.
She sang to me with sounds of seeming
daylight broke while starlight gleaming.

Never since have I seen that tree.
Nor a thing with beauty matching she.
In loving arms I long to be.
But when the song calls, I will see thee.

Shunned Thoughts of a Chaotic Love
Also By Jake "Iron"

Part I
Like the lone raven's feather in the cold rain, I absorb you.
Like the twist of the blade in a broken heart, I welcome you.
Like the cry of the child lost in static sound, I ignore you.
You are my everything, my yen.

Part II
You're like a perfect blue star, just out of reach.
I cry for you from afar, you're def to my speech.
When I'm out of rope, I'll fall farther away.
I fall farther from you with each unbearable day.

Part III
Your lies left scars on my skin.
The coffin I carry is for your wretched sins.
Drink from the poison bled to me, and I'll drink it too.
I'll hold you over the fire you built for me, then I'll let go of you.

(Thank you for letting me share these with everyone! Love to you all!
- Jake [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"])


Ok, so its not a poem, its a song, and a bad one at that. lol.

Work It Out

Verse 1
You don't know what you're doing to me
Why do I stay
All I want in life is to be free
When I know I should run
Playing those game s , but you cannot see
Can't you see?
Keep pushing me away, now I'm on my knees
In the end where done

Never the same, I can't erase
Look in my eyes, look at my face
This pain is for real, your care seems too fake
Work it out, or its my life you take

Verse 2
All I ever do, is look after you
I cant take anymore
But I'm taking control, starting my life a new
My life feels like s**t
Do you even hear a single word I say?
I'm there with you
My worlds lost all meaning, cant get up today
Now I can't take it

Never the same, I cant erase
Look in my eyes, look at my face
This pain is for real, your caring seems fake
Figure it out, or its my life you take

Verse 3
You tell me these things, like I should have know
F**ked it all up
Do you even hear me, or see my pain grow?
Now we are no more
Where do I go now, what do I do?
Now I am free
Start over my life, and get rid of you
I know this for sure

Never the same, I cant erase
The view of your eyes, the look on your face
The pain was so real, nothing was fake
Finnaly worked it out, the good life I'll now take

[I dont exist anymore]


Rainbow Collaboration
by [OvertheMoooon]

My song escapes me,
The indigo flakes me.
My heart of silver and gold.
My mind, it breaks me,
The violet flakes me.
Do I ever do what I'm told?

Your voice escapes me,
The ebony flakes me.
Your heart of silver and gold.
Your thoughts try to rape me,
The black, it flakes me.
Do you ever do what you're told?

Our love escapes me,
The red, it flakes me.
Our hearts of silver and gold.
Our souls embrace me,
The passion, it flakes me.
Will we ever do what we're told?


Dedicated to my boyfriend Mark [Project Elysium] who has saved me from the darkness that had begun to surround my world...

My heart has been snatched right out of my chest
The pain is so great it takes up my rest
Hope is a glimmer, far up ahead
Death is a fright that fills me with dread
I hope to live to fulfill my dreams
And yet it's so hard it fills me with screams
Why do I suffer, why do I cry?
Why don't I just curl up and die?
Death is not an answer to choose
When you live how can you loose?
Show me your heart, show me the way
Show me the brighter parts of my day
Give me a hope, give me a life
Help me, please, and save me from strife
You are the one, the one that I need
Open your heart and save me from greed
Only you can save me now
Only you can show me how
How to live the life that's mine
How to open up and shine
Who I am and who I will be
That's what I want the world to see
I am filled with a wonderful pride
Pride to be who I am inside
Thanks for everything you have done
You saved my life and now we have won!



Efficient killer, worker feed the
families of innocent children
Meet the needs of corporations
Spacemaker in the workstations
Creates the product without any
Occupational hazard for all but the
ones who live in fear of steel
Can't be distracted, can't even feel

We're making more in lesser times for humankind it's much too late and
Yet something tells me we're becoming way too dependent on
Automation, Automation, Automation

All along why wouldn't we listen to
Mystery Science and The Outer Limits
Laughable concept, but it's here to stay
And is reality that funny anyway
It's joysticks, buttons, electronics
Cold mechanical philanthropists
Now is the time for all good men
To submit to what could never have been

We're stealing jobs and building bombs and failure is our own fruition
Don't complain when you know you're responsible for our condition, it's
Automation, Automation, Automation
Automation, Automation, Automation



The Last Time

Lost and alone
In this vast sea
Of Life
Hope comes when
I think of you

You have always
Been with me.
Your love giving me
Strength for the
Days to come.

Now the shadows
Stretch as
Your days go on.
Old bones creek
Like joints in a house.

There is not
Much I can do
Now. Soon you
Will be gone.

You smile, and
Cracks cover your
Face. Trying to
Cheer me up.
You have never
Given that up.

So I smile as
I look into your
Now old eyes.
Reminiscing of
Thing now
In the past.

Through everything you
Have been there for me.

Now, I will be there
To hold your hand and
Kiss your eyes when
They close for
The last time.

Written By: [pegasus1000]



I've asked for help
But now i say Goodbye
I want it to end
So there's no need to cry

I know you love me
But i've never understood
I cant see me the way you do
It would be different if i could.

It would stop the self-loathing
The disgust and the hate
I just want it to end
For me it's to late

So promise not to cry
As i set myself free
I'll always be with you
Please remember me. 

[Same old same old!]


'The Remnants of Love'

The aching heart,
That withers in despair,
Of what was once the start,
Of love in the air.

Though short and brief,
The love was strong,
I never really knew why,
It didn't last very long.

I still dream of her,
Of what I lost,
When I was so sure,
That the relationship would never exhaust.

Now my heart's broken,
And my sweetheart is gone,
My soul is giving up,
And is being withdrawn.

Copyright ©2007 Christopher Scott Kahle [tenshi-ryuu]

Conquering the Void

The void.
It exists,
yet it doesn't.
Intense darkness consumes,
yet eternal light thrives,
and slowly gains ground.
Warmth fills cold,
and space anew.
Everything suddenly,
becomes filled with you.
Together we conquered
The void.

Copyright ©2007 Christopher Scott Kahle [tenshi-ryuu]


devoted to only one.
regret of watching you go.
longing to see your face.
remembering the taste of your lips.
will I wait for your return.

Copyright ©2007 Christopher Scott Kahle [tenshi-ryuu]

For more visit my house and look in my diary


Candle Light

by: [SilverBlue82]

The dim of the room set low and by fire as two bodies move closer and lips whisper desire,
Moist lips graze an ear as giggling pursues, as sweet nothings are uttered and whispered to you,
'If I could smell sweet, and kindness too, then I could not smell something more beautiful then you'
Romantic soft with flickering lights, as fingers glide softly to a lovers delight,
the curves of their body rock gently as oceans do, lips finding their partner welcoming you,
Embraced on soft silk your blushing cheeks set in motion, as embrace turns to lust as lust turns to passion,
The candle that burned bright is cassed out at last, sun rising and moon falling, did the night go so fast,
And with tired eyes they lay as lovers do, held in each others arms as you hear quite 'I Love you'


Leave me alone
by: [Kelaria]
So close…
Yet so far away…
Lost in a world of magic and beauty
No longer wishing to be here
…Lost? How can I be lost
If I willingly give in?
Not lost…
My world is more real to me
This world is just a nightmare…
A nightmare that I wake to…
…no wonder why I'm trying to escape…


Goodbye My Love, You Killed Me
by: [Kelaria]
Red blood, I see in my minds eye
My heart is bleeding!
I am wounded, dying
My soul is leaving me
I am alone in this darkness
Pain consumes me
Till I can no longer breathe
I see you in my thoughts
My head is spinning
But the image of you is so clear
I see it; it's there
My breath comes in quick gasps
Fighting to continue moving
But I am fading
My last dying request waits on my lips
I want you to come and see what you have done
And then you're there
Standing over me, staring
But you're too late
I'm gone, faded
Your tears fall quick, as if that would save me
But it's too late
Now you see, how much you loved me
I wish you had seen it before
Before I spilled crimson pain
Before my heart stopped beating
Before my life was wasted
My unloved form laying on the ground
Cold, still, pale, sad,
I am there, yet I am gone
And I never was loved, by you, till now
Now, when it's too late to save me
The last thing I said to you,
“I love you,” still ringing in your ears
The last words spoken to me
In your voice, “Go away loser!”
The cause of my death
Inspired by your friends
Now your enemies
And, just like I was,
You're all alone, and in pain
An innocent confession
An unkind response
The voice of evil, of killers,
Coming from your mouth, just once
Causing death and pain
And on the wind you hear my voice
“Goodbye my love, you killed me.”

-This is not a recent poem (it's probably about a year old) I wrote it at a time when I was feeling really depressed...



Time is death
Inside us all
We have a time,
Then we fall.

A human life,
Has no worth,
Can't be bought
Created by birth.

When we live
There are many paths
Time to share,
With many laughs

There is also evil,
Violence we crave
The darkness from our hearts
Beyond the grave.

The years fly by,
My oh my
Until you get old
And start to die

Life can be fun,
As we all know
Oblivious to death,
An assassin in the snow

Times for happiness,
Times for grief.
One can flow
Like water on a reef

There is more,
Unknown to the mind,
The reason to live,
Is for us to find.

So get out there,
Take some risks
Enjoy your life
So it won't be brisk.

Some call me dark,
Sour as a lime,
But don't blame me.
I'm just time.

by [Doormat]


A million I love yous so strongly tied
A million tears falling to the ground

A thousand cheers to the happy couple
A thousand regrets of things i should have said

A hundred faces been and gone
A hundred places yet to be seen

10 people wishing us goodluck
10 people spilling tears bidding goodbye

two lives two worlds
one love one dream
an end before a beginning
a future already in the past
You flew before i had a grasp

Fly away on angels wings and meet your future
whilst i face up to mine
one of many by


Two Faced

Disliking, disgusting,
Denouncing, Despairing
There's trust in your eyes
But you're really not caring.

The feelings you showed
In your bright eyes
I just didn't know
That they were all lies.

Manipulative, malignant,
Malicious, malversion
I knew all your good deeds,
Was just a diversion.

The concern that you had,
It was all fake,
You were slithering around me,
Just like a snake.

Seductive, sadistic,
Sneaky, sly,
Attaching to me,
You thought yourself wry.

Why would you do this?
Just to get a kick?
To damage me so,
Everything a trick?

Hateful, haunting,
Hurtful, hostile,
Your heart black,
Your thoughts vile.

Your hidden thoughts
Your second face
I will get revenge.
You, I'll erase.

by: [Doormat]


For Two Lost Loved Ones

I would walk a thousand miles,
And then a thousand more,
Just to see your face again
Than to dream it evermore.

And when I see your eyes once more,
Those eyes I know and love,
It's like meeting for the first time,
Like someone's watching from above.

But then those eyes glaze over
And I no longer see there light;
Their feeling cold as ice
And their cores as dark as night.

I can not feel your breath,
Once warm upon my cheek,
And your once strong body
Lays in my arms, now weak.

In the dark I hear a call,
And I know we'll meet again,
Though I do not understand
Why it only calls your name.

But I shall keep on holding on
To that kind soul that I once knew,
And still <a href="" onmouseover="window.status = 'goto: travel';return 1" onmouseout="window.status=''">travel</a> those thousand miles
Still only to be with you.

by: [Nite_Owl]


life blanket

Exhausted time
Endless rhyme
Piercing glares
Lifeless existence
Priceless tears
In fabric so tense

Let it rip
Unwind unzip
Left to stare
Write to snare
Tangled in cloth
In fabric so soft

Cutting loose
Precious truce
Torn to shreds
Nothing here
Million threads
Nothing dear

by: [Entity of the Forest]

Mutal Less Mirror

If only it was a mirror
Bend it back to make it clearer
Wishing it would turn
With a heart meant to yearn
Ever to wish ever to hope
Never to handle but always to cope
Looking into blind eyes
Looking back at a million tries
If only this one was different
Held and supported by a peaceful temperament
If only it was a mirror
Spin it round and bring it nearer

also by: [Entity of the Forest]


Buried Alive

Share my thoughts
Share my dreams

This they said to me

Open my heart
Open my mind

This they begged of me

Talk to him
Talk to her

This they asked of me

See the beauty
See the hope

This they wished of me

Covered and
Covered by demands

This they did to me

Dug my grave
Dug it deep

This they did unknowingly

And in the grave I lie
Buried in their ‘love'…

They buried me alive
by:[Eschew Obfuscation]


Barren grasp

Holding an empty hand
Walking down an empty lane
If only life was something grand
Something free of pain
But would that truly be life
Or just another flat blade
Sharp but dull like a knife
Nothing there for more than aid
Stuck in the back of them
Pierced in deep
Side to side and the brim
Letting the sorrow creep
Pumping blue to red
Thinking back at things seen
Flowing up to the head
Flowing down to the knees
Watching them shake
Tremble with the wind
Falling down to float in redirect
Wallowing to waver till the end
Speaking a foreign dialect
In the language of life
Cyan purple spots
Eyes that deceive
Mind to full of a thought
Empty hands that conceive

by: [Entity of the Forest]


A last expression

Frozen eyes that see nothing
Cold heart that sorrow brings
Skin that's cold, touch like death
A thousand words, within a breath
Fingers dead, black as night
In the house, there is no light
Only the attic remains untouched
Friends and family feared this much
The celling scattered with crimson red
And on the floor, an artist lies dead
But infront of the soul, a canvas lies
Reflecting the pain in the dead one's eyes
It's the last portrait they will ever love
Scattered in the painters blood

By: [Pyra]



(Ten) Is an even number, two numbers in a pair,
A whole twin figure, not meant to create fear,
The countdown of a series, a group of numbers fine,

(Nine) A step towards the dark side, turning up the heat
Just another number, half a second heartbeat,
Awe inspiring horror, which leads us to our fate,

(Eight) A time for denial, searching for a clue,
Checking monitors and readings, what the hell to do,
Looking for a bible, to pray for help in heaven,

(Seven) A lucking number, naught no more,
Board your windows, close your doors,
Don’t even try, it’s impossible to fix,

(Six) The number of the devil, amplified beyond reason,
Start the blame game, accuse others of treason,
Hate and anger people strive, with so little time alive,

(Five) Half the time gone, or half of it full,
Time for action, not a time for bull,
Think so your brain goes sore, it doesn’t matter anymore,

(Four) Funny how it means death, in Chinese
Breathe in a panic, breathe it in a wheeze,
Solitary confinement, waiting to be free,

(Three) A different kind of countdown, one much too short,
Time to enjoy the end, drink some bottles of Port,
Turning to one another, asking who, who, who?

(Two) Let’s all go crazy, good enough for me!
Suicide’s the answer, hangings in a tree
It’s what the world calls for, of course it must be done,

(One) Panic and die, bag over your head,
You’re better off running, better off dead,
No time for anything, no time to be a hero,

(Zero) Total Annihilation, ethereal pain and doom
Anywhere a room, for it is now your tomb,
Death and destruction everywhere, only the damned really care.

By: [Doormat]


If Love

If love is for lovers
And green house for flowers.
Than you are for me
and I am for you.
If the sun cannot see the moon or the stars.
The morning cannot see night.
How can we be together?
The laws of PHYSICS shall be broken.
The morning and night together.
The sun the moon and the stars our home.
To prove that something not meant to be
Can be together no matter what.
So what will we be?
The moon, the stars, or the sun.


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2004-03-14 [dreams of pain]: lol! iam amussing that you work in a shoe store??

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2004-03-19 [Same old same old!]: cool. Bet ya wish ya wont in this fuckin shit tip anymore

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2004-03-19 [Same old same old!]: Yeh true. I just dont wanna be around.. well, certain people these days coz im sick of their attituide towards me when i havnt done anything. I know you wont understand that coz you dont know the situation, but still thats how i feel. And i would even go to the point of being nervous every time i come in2 college coz i cant be myself and i feel judged by thoes who have no right to. Sorry for the babbling.

2004-03-19 [kate, short for bob!]: awww bless u poor thing *big hug*

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2004-03-20 [Same old same old!]: *dances*

2004-03-20 [SilverBlue82]: so who has the best poem up right now do you think :)

2004-03-20 [Same old same old!]: i am very drunk n stoned

2004-03-20 [Same old same old!]: i am very drunk n stoned so aint read yours, but yours not included, i like jakes

2004-03-20 [Same old same old!]: what u fink

2004-03-20 [SilverBlue82]: drunk and stoned *shakes his head* lol and your on the computer what are you doing go party

2004-03-20 [Same old same old!]: i wo but im qat home now  but i will dance soon,. So what u fink?

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: haha, crazy people :P

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: hey there sweety ^_^ how r ya?

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: Hi! ^_^ I'm fine! I love bein crazy!!! YAY CRAZY PEOPLE!!! ^_^

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: how are you?

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: meh, im meh. so not vewy vewy crazy 2night. N tired to, but cant sleep. How r u me baby dear?

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: *does crazy dance* ME HYPER!! ...well, a little anyway :P

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: *watches her to a dance and yawns* lol, bless ya sweety *pats head* How come ya so hyper baby?

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: I dunno, just am ^_^ hmm... i'm hungry too :)

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: Lol, me n mini have been munching (my m8, she says hi... n so dus spoon who came up to give me huggle)  I wanna sleep.... I wanna snuggle wi... meh, my pillow.

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: hehe :P ^_^

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: Lol,  *yawns* hehe, i cant stop yawning!!!!!!!!! *trys to get up n dance but legs crumple* dammit! im on the fuckin floor now!!

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: *continues to dance then trips and falls* yikes! now we both fell! *stands up laughing at herself*

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: *trys to stand up but , yet again, legs crumple..... so drags herself to the side and snuggld down*

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: you must be very tired :P

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: Oh i am , i kinda just sent my friend home so me n mini can get sleep, but now one of me best m8s has come online, so i have to talk to him for a while hehe

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: heh, hate when that happens, and yet i like it too, cause i like to talk to my friends :P

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: yeh he is just the best n he is making me giggle/smile, n yeh, hes ace, n me wuv him loads coz he is a good m8

2004-03-21 [Kelaria]: ^_^ that's good

2004-03-21 [tenshi-ryuu]: i like most of the poems here... its nice to have a place to let your emotions go (in the art of poetry)... ^_^ lol

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: ^_^ Thank-you hunny!! I'm glad you like it.

2004-03-21 [I dont exist anymore]: I tried to write a poem today....but got as far as "......." and then a few doodles useless am i ehh :P

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: *shrugs* writers block

2004-03-21 [I dont exist anymore]: u have to be a writer for writers block though....i cant write :P lol

2004-03-21 [SilverBlue82]: oh dont be so hard on yourself know what i do when i cant write a poem i just describe a dream i had, i keep a pen and paper on my night stand and right when i wake up i write down about my dream and that usually gets some ideas going for me

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: ^_^ there ya go, some ideas for ya. I concentrate on all the shit thats happened, n write about how i feel about it.#

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: ^_^ there ya go, some ideas for ya. I concentrate on all the shit thats happened, n write about how i feel about it.

2004-03-21 [I dont exist anymore]: wow, people helping me to write poems :) I have wrote 5songs, but there easy, you only need like 4paragraphs, 2 verses and a chorus that goes over, and over again

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: *shrugs* i find songs harder

2004-03-21 [I dont exist anymore]: i found them really easy.....i guess im struggling with the poems coz im actually TRYING to write them, not letting it come to me, thats where the songs came from, just came out when i was at work...doing no work :D hehe

2004-03-21 [Same old same old!]: its exactly the opposite wi me. i find the poems come really easy

2004-03-26 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Hey everybodies!!! ^_^ imma write some more poems soon ^^ it's nice to see u all and ur poems again! *hugs sarah* you're so good to me!

2004-03-26 [Same old same old!]: *huggles back* only coz your so sweet to me!!! How r ya jaky-poo?

2004-03-26 [SilverBlue82]: ok i remember why i forget my dreams *shivers*

2004-03-26 [Kelaria]: *hugs John*

2004-03-27 [Same old same old!]: *huggles to n shouts* GROUP HUG!

2004-03-27 [Kelaria]: YAY!!!! ^_^

2004-03-27 [Same old same old!]: HEHE *huggles* I'm actually at my b/f's wi paul rich n tanya, coz we all bin out to club, so probably going to bed soon, but still huggles for as long as ya need it ^_^

2004-03-27 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: *tries to find a place to squeeze in the hug*

2004-03-29 [Same old same old!]: *opens a plce

2004-03-29 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: yay! *hugs* ... new poem by me! ^_^

2004-03-30 [Same old same old!]: ohh, yey, i like your poems, they are rly good!!

2004-04-02 [Same old same old!]: Ok everyone, listen up!!!!!!!   The poll is up, but it is not to late if u want your name on it to be voted upon, but you will have to mail me!!!!! ok, that is all :p hehe

2004-04-02 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: yay!!! poll poll poll poll!!!!!!!

2004-04-02 [SilverBlue82]: where is the poll??

2004-04-02 [Kelaria]: I voted for you John :) Your poems are wonderful *hugs*

2004-04-02 [SilverBlue82]: oh i found it this is the poll right <poll:17758>

2004-04-02 [Same old same old!]: yeh it is hunny, plz dont vote for yaselves tho ^_^

2004-04-02 [SilverBlue82]: i havent voted yet :p

2004-04-03 [kate, short for bob!]: hello sarah!!!!

2004-04-03 [Same old same old!]: heyyy anna!!!!! Are you on from college? Or r u finally on your crappy comp at home? :p

2004-04-05 [SilverBlue82]: i think you need to advertise your poll a little more :p we only have 3 votes so far

2004-04-06 [Kelaria]: now it has 13... and I added two more poems to this page....

2004-04-06 [Same old same old!]: how do i advertise it tho? I'm not good at this kinda this lol.

2004-04-06 [Same old same old!]: I've been thinking, i have well over 3 poems, so maybe if you have already done your 3 poems you could put as many as u liked onto Lovers of poems page two What do ya fink?

2004-04-06 [SilverBlue82]: i think that sounds great, or like set up a poll of the month page where you can only put up one (or however many) and let people post as many as they want else where *shrugs*

2004-04-06 [Same old same old!]: yeh, and how about each month, the winner of the poll (the one im doing now) gets to pick one of their poems and i will set up a page and have it as 'winner's poem's'?

2004-04-06 [SilverBlue82]: sounds fun :)

2004-04-06 [Same old same old!]: ^_^ yey lol

2004-04-07 [Same old same old!]: Yo anna , where is ya poem :p hehe, and EVERYONE! , if u want to be on the poll for the poet of the month (may) put ya name up now, or some1 else's!

2004-04-11 [I dont exist anymore]: woooaahhh.....who put me up for next months vote? :) who ever it was....thank-you :) hehe

2004-04-12 [Same old same old!]: aww bless *pats on head and blows fingers* (you probably wont get the but oh well)

2004-04-12 [I dont exist anymore]: blows fingers? .....whats that mean? i hate when you say things i dont understand and dont explain them to me :(

2004-04-12 [Same old same old!]: i know but it really doesnt matter, it would only be me who understood that anyway, no1 else knows what the fuck m tlkin about either so *shrugs* let it go ;)

2004-04-15 [Doormat]: hmm can i join this page?

2004-04-15 [Same old same old!]: course ya can!!! Everyone is welcome! Ohh and comment on other poems hehe, and put ya self up for next months poll if ya like, we need more ppl lol

2004-04-15 [Doormat]: but im not gonna use the badge.....hamtario is sacrilidgeous to me.

2004-04-15 [Same old same old!]: what is? Explain in english why u dont wanna use my bagde? I think its cute! Do you not? If u have any suggestions or badge's u wanna show, pop it up there ^^^^^ Next to mine and people including you can use it :D

2004-04-15 [Doormat]: I just don't like hamtaro....ill make a different badge...but for now i won't use one...yet...also i'm going to post a poem

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: hamtaro??? My badge? ya mean the animal on it? *gets ever so confuggled* i just thought it wo cute :s

2004-04-17 [I dont exist anymore]: hold on? its actually got a name? hamtaro? :S no no no, im sure we (we being everyone but un-imaganative me) could come up with a better name than that

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: like bob *grins* i like bob ^_^

2004-04-17 [I dont exist anymore]: ya see......I knew she'd come through with a name :D hehe

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: And we can call her right ear 'righty' and her left ear' lefty' ^_^ *giggles*

2004-04-17 [I dont exist anymore]: Nice

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: :D i know, i have fantastic taste for names

2004-04-17 [Doormat]: that actual figure is on that lame tv show..."Hamtaro"

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: Never heard of it. Where is it shown?

2004-04-17 [Doormat]: ytv...sometimes..

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: I have never heard of it. But if ya make ya own then u can pop it up there and on your house.

2004-04-17 [Doormat]: k...

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: ^_^

2004-04-17 [Doormat]: okay i made one....kinda simple though

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: cool, edit my wiki and pop it up next to mine :)

2004-04-17 [Doormat]: did ><

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: :s Its not up there :s

2004-04-17 [Same old same old!]: Ohh there it is

2004-04-18 [Ame*perdue]: hiya, i'm new, felt like saying howdy jsut added a poem :)

2004-04-18 [Same old same old!]: Hey there ^_^ How r ya?

2004-04-30 [Same old same old!]: Well done silverBlue87 ^_^you win the april poll.

2004-04-30 [I dont exist anymore]: *applauds silverBlue87* well done :)

2004-04-30 [Same old same old!]: lol, bless :p

2004-05-14 [Same old same old!]: Awww we have a new person!!! yey lol

2004-06-14 [Entity of the Forest]: hey all, hows everyone doing?

2004-06-14 [Kelaria]: good ^^

2004-06-15 [Same old same old!]: im doing fandabby do cheers! you?

2004-06-15 [Entity of the Forest]: cool, good to hear, im fine thanks... i added a another poem, yay poems

2004-06-16 [Same old same old!]: yey!!!! Does everyone want me to carry on with the polls or not??

2004-07-06 [Carol Lynn]: I have permission from the owner of this wiki [Same old same old!] to put these poems in my wiki The Elftown Library All the credit will go to each individual author! ^.^ thank you. If you don’t want your poem(s) up than just say so.

2004-07-19 [Same old same old!]: oooh we have new people!

2004-07-19 [Carol Lynn]: you just noticed?

2004-07-21 [Same old same old!]: yeh lol, slightly dumb :D

2004-07-25 [Same old same old!]: omg, these are all really good poems guys.

2004-11-20 [Rattie]: can i join this wiki????how do i do that???

2004-11-22 [Same old same old!]: course you can Rattie. Just click on 'edit' and scroll through the box till you see 'members' And pop your name on the bottom of that list. Or i can do it for you?

2006-05-30 [Linderel]: Hello, I would just like to let you know that your wiki has been included in my listing of Poetry communities.

2006-05-31 [Same old same old!]: Ohhh cool ^_^ thanks

2006-07-03 [Linderel]: Hear, hear! Springing forth with a challenge, the admins at Solemn Lines have decided to bring all poetry communities of Elftown together in a tournament of skill. During July, members of each community that answers our call will choose a representative among themselves - the procedure for that will be up to you, but make sure that come August, you're all ready to roll and cheer your champion on. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, for the World Cup of Poetry, hosted by Solemn Lines!

2007-09-18 [tenshi-ryuu]: Man, it's been forever since I last saw this page (googled my poem looking for copies posted without my permission) and saw that I had posted on this wiki way back when. So now, I updated it with a few more of my poems. Oh, and thank you to whoever made that comment about my poem.

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