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   This is the place for all the lovers of Elftown to show themselves and be proud of the love they have. Its an honor and a blessing to be


in love, so shine with it and let the world know who you love. 

Originaly started by [Member Kicked] and [wubbbus]. They were the first members, and they have the greatest love. They deserve the upmost recognition and respect as lovers. A round for my friends. To LOVE!

Message [The Masquerade] to join.
    If your Lover is not a part of ET, you may still join =)


Love poetry

Got any lovely lover poetry? Please, dodge the heartbreak side, its a lover, not ex-lover page. Just make sure it ends happy.

Love art

Ahh, the romance of art. Got some? Put it up here!

Love stories

I know you people have some love stories. SHARE!

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Manager and Builder: [The Masquerade]
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1. [Member Kicked] & [wubbbus] -Love that has cascaded far beyond the borders of love and breached the mists of heaven to where two souls can truely become one, and forever be bonded together.
2. [A lonley dead bard] & [hullabaloo]
3. [Shade Wolf] & [Julie the First!] - We may be far, but our hearts are leading us closer
4. [Schob] & [Shamera] - a love that will last longer than time.
5. [F34R :82:-DE] & [Three Tailed Fox
6. [Devale Dragon] & [Lithium Lullaby]

There has been an issue with Lovers adding
them and their lover to this wiki without the
other being aware of it. Please make sure that both of you wish to be here.
Suggestions or ideas? Message [The Masquerade] or [wubbbus]

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2004-03-16 [Shamera]: wish sh edid know.. if it was family tellin you not too.. you still should.. thats the thing with me an chris.. my mom doesn't want me to talk to him anymore.. but i love him and i will.. for my own reasons..

2004-03-18 [wubbbus]: ugh, allen just, sometimes i never know how to respond to some of the things he says ^_^ he has such the perfect way for speaking, ways of telling me of his undying love for me, from how thankful he is to what our future holds for us. its ...amazing. i love him.

2004-03-18 [Shamera]: lol i know what ya mean... chris is the same way... and he don't even see it!!

2004-03-19 [wubbbus]: =*)!!!!

2004-03-19 [The Masquerade]: *smiles softly*

2004-03-20 [wubbbus]: ((((^_^))))allennnnnnnn he is coming home !!!!!!!!! XD

2004-03-20 [The Masquerade]: Fade away, burn away, and let the life shine down.

2004-03-20 [wubbbus]: ...

2004-03-20 [The Masquerade]: *smiles softly* just rambling

2004-03-25 [Arethusa]: lol can i put me and mah asian on here? hehe hes not on here...and shall never know of it either lol

2004-03-25 [wubbbus]: who is your asian?

2004-03-25 [Arethusa]: Thanh

2004-03-25 [wubbbus]: oh. well, if you're truely in love, you can yes

2004-03-27 [Shamera]: i am back! ^_^ *pants for breath*

2004-03-27 [wubbbus]: :)

2004-03-28 [Shamera]: hehe

2004-04-07 [dark starlight]: can i join?

2004-04-20 [Shamera]: uhggg... muh weekend was hell... -.- got kicked out of muh grammas house buh muh uncle and i didn't get to talk to muh kwissy hardly at all...

2005-03-03 [maria121]: hiya all

2005-05-21 [Beloved yet Loveless]: I luv asian men! especially cute spikey black haired asian men! Who heres asian?! Send me a line!>.<!kawai!

2005-07-24 [armygal]: hiya everyone

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