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2013-03-26 20:02:26
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Brought to you by [Linderel].

H. P. Lovecraft left us with a legacy of dreadful imaginings.
As a friend of horror, I would like to see what the people of Elftown can make of his work.

<img:stuff/chthulu1.gif?x=20> This contest is for the narrow definition of art, meaning that no photography or photomanipulation is allowed. Handicrafts are also out.
<img:stuff/chthulu1.gif?x=20> All work must be yours. Reference, if used, should be linked to. Collaboration with another member of this site is permitted.
<img:stuff/chthulu1.gif?x=20> Images should be uploaded on Elftown.
<img:stuff/chthulu1.gif?x=20> Each entrant may post up to three (3) submissions.

Judging shall be carried out by public poll, the winner of which shall receive a badge and, if so desired, a piece of writing based on a prompt of their choosing. There is a participant badge.

The contest will be closed when there are thirteen (13) entries, or, failing that, on May 3rd 2013.


0. [Linderel] - "Sketchy Shoggoth in a Cave"

1.[9jlriexqk,ktpk] - "Gahh"

2. [Triola] - "Something something Cthulhu something something some other thing"

3. [The Dizzy Raven] - "Lovecraft's C'thulhu"

4. [wicked fae mage] - "A Patron of the Theatre"


Contests by Linderel

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2012-02-13 [Nioniel]: Hmmm...

2012-02-21 [Enchanted^]: yes, aliens are real !

2012-03-02 [wicked fae mage]: I took a photo of my sketch because my scanner is borked :/
Not sure if follows rules?

2012-03-02 [Linderel]: Can do. Also, you're technically late, but I'm probably going to change the deadline so that it's a minimum number of entries instead of a date.

2012-03-03 [Avoral]: [The Dizzy Raven]'s the winner by skill and just all-around amazingness, but I think it should go to [Triola] for quoting The Call of Cthulhu so well.

2012-03-03 [Triola]: Whoo :D

2012-03-03 [Linderel]: Yes, Trin is rather awesome. :D Nevertheless, deadline shall be changed.

2012-03-03 [The Dizzy Raven]: XD Thanks :) and you're right :) Triola's is awesome ^^

2012-03-04 [Triola]: Not to be very pessimistic or anything, but I very strongly doubt you'll get 15 entries <.<

2012-03-04 [Avaz]: If I may make a suggestion: Instead of having either a minimum number of entries or a specified end date, why not make it so that it's a whichever-comes-first thing? Like "this contest is open until we receive either X number of entries OR Y date, whichever comes first."

2012-03-04 [Linderel]: Yeah, I thought about that too. Will possibly (read: probably) make it so very soon.

2012-03-05 [Avoral]: Hey, you don't know that. Maybe I'll submit one.

2012-03-05 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah, maybe me too.

2012-07-10 [Linderel]: Okay. Time to wake up again.

2012-07-10 [Nocturnaliss]: I'd actually completely forgot about this. Thx for the wake-up call.

2012-07-10 [Linderel]: :) No problem. It's part of my "getting back on track with things" ritual. I've been a bit... absent.

2012-07-10 [Nocturnaliss]: Happens to everyone, haven't been around much either. Or doing much more than working and coming home tired, nestling into the couch, and staying there.

2013-03-26 [Linderel]: *clang* Because of my absenteeism, I'm extending. Again. But this'll be the last time.

2013-03-26 [Nioniel]: Awesome. I had forgotten about this, but may still submit something.

2013-03-27 [Viking]: I wish I weren't so lazy about drawing. I've wanted to do something featuring either Pickman's Model or The Music of Erich Zann for a while.

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