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<img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1363815256.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1363815262.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1363815267.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1363815272.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1363815277.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1363815281.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1363815285.jpg>



<img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1327252285.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1327252307.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1327252324.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1327252365.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1327252392.jpg>



<img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/s.4.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/w.2.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1.1.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/2.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/3.1.jpg>
<img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/4.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/5.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1317389801.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1317389808.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1317405684.jpg>
<img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1317405692.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/1317406340.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/mm.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/g.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/s.5.jpg>
<img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/p.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/le.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/aj/169023/my.jpg>

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2011-10-22 [Nioniel]: They actually smell pretty decent, though. :)

2011-10-22 [Akayume]: Well, that's good!

2011-10-22 [Nioniel]: Mitzie really loved them. Those and Booda Bones were her two favourite treats in the world. Booda Bones smell better than Greenies, though. They're flavoured things like yogurt, peanut butter, bacon, etc.

2011-10-22 [Akayume]: Awwww cuuuuute!

2011-10-22 [Nioniel]: Yeah. :P

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: D'aww.
She's really pretty.

2011-10-25 [Nioniel]: Thanks! :D

2012-10-15 [Stephen]: I really like the coloration of your dog, and if I recall correctly, she has a rare eye color. Awesome colors. :P

2013-03-20 [Nioniel]: Thank you. :) I dunno that blue is that rare for Sibes, though. :P

2013-08-11 [yamisango]: so pretty!

2014-03-30 [Stephen]: Need new pictures! Been over a year since updates. x)

I remember when you got her, doesn't seem like it's been years.

2014-03-31 [Nioniel]: True that. I have some new ones around here somewhere. She's been mostly hibernating through winter, though. :P

I knooowwww. Definitely doesn't feel that long.

2014-03-31 [Stephen]: Winter (in this part of Michigan anyway) has been so much more snow than normal. >___> 
So, I don't blame her at all, hah.

2014-03-31 [Nioniel]: Lol, I'm in MI too, so I hear that. What part are you in?

2014-04-04 [Stephen]: I live very close to Sault Ste. Marie, near Canada. About as north east as you can get and still be in this state. x)

2014-04-04 [Nioniel]: Ah, so much worse for you up there. :P

2014-04-12 [Stephen]: Buuuut, the snow is melting now and almost gone! Whee! :D

(Although it's raining/sleeting mixed right now.. )

2014-04-12 [Nioniel]: Yup, lovely rain and thunderstorms going on here right now. So nice after the billion tons of white bullshit.

2014-04-12 [Nioniel]: Puppy/Teenaged Myah pic. :) She had much darker markings (especially around her eyes) when she was younger.


2014-04-16 [Stephen]: Aww, she's so adorable. x3

Such a pretty dog.

2014-09-11 [kians mummy]: Shes so big now x

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