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The Lost Souls, apendages of Justin Prada's dark hand.
Cold, hard, Stioc, Apathetic, but Compassionate deep in your heart.

You are the Lost Souls, bringers of darkness, loyal and only loyal to Justin Prada, the Dark Prince of Never-Ever land. If he calls you to do his bidding, what will you do?

Will you do his bidding without second thought
HIS way...?

Or will you do it your way?

Here is where you must prove your chance.

Justin has given you a mission. You must invade a nearby town and kill it's leader, an old man by the name of Noah. For extra money adn a possible promotion, you can bring his family alive to Justin.

Will you kill the old man and bring his family to their ultimate demise, which you know will come if Justin get's denied...?

Or will you save the family, telling them to run?

There is your mission. Send your 'auditions' to me, [Rook.], and set them up in this form:

[Player's username]
[wiki's name]
[Lost Soul Audition]

[Player's username] Yusyr Anui
[wiki's name] Lost Soul Audition
[Lost Soul Audition] Yusyr hid behind a tree in the nearby town, awaiting midnight. Her master, Justin Prada, had given her the mission of killing an old man named Noah, who was apparently the leader of the place. She didn't really want to, however, if she managed to kill the man, and bring his family alive to Justin, she could be given a promotion. And at the moment, that's all she really cared for.

The clock struck twelve, and Yusyr leapt into action. She ran, cat-like, across town towards the old man's house, and crouched in front of the door. Getting out her lock picking kit, she set to work undoing the bolts on the door. Too easy, she thought. The door swung open with a soft click!, and she hurried inside, going from room to room until she found the one she was looking for. Inside, Noah and his wife, Adana, were sleeping peacefully, completely unaware of her presence.

She stood over them, staring coldly, and drew her gun. She quickly loaded it with six bullets, and then pointed it at the two sleepers. After a slight hesitation, she fired two shots, one at each person, then ran from the room, hurrying towards the front door.

She had almost made it there, when two children came creeping down the hall. When they saw her, all clad in black with a gun in her hand, the stopped short, terror clear in their eyes. Yusyr contemplated taking the children to Justin, but decided against it, for she pitied the poor kids.

Kneeling on the floor, she slowing set the gun down between them, then backed away, holding her hands up to show that she wouldn't pick it back up. She then drew out a piece of paper and a pencil, and scribbled the address of a friend of hers on to it. She knew that her friend would take these two children in. She then held out the paper towards the kids. The boy was the first one to move. He slowly reached out for the paper, and took it in his hand. He didn't bother to read it, preferring to keep his eyes on Yusyr instead.

"Go to the address on that paper. I have a good friend there who will take you in. Also - " she paused, and a look of pain temporarily crossed her face. " Also, I'm sorry about your parents. I hope that one day you'll forgive me." And with that, she ran from the house, leaving the gun where it was in her hurry to get out of the place. She knew that if she didn't get as far away from the town as possible by sunrise, the townsfolk would come after her, and that was the last thing she needed.

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