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Lord Josmar's Bid for Dominion

Because, who wouldn't want me in charge of things?

I know what you are thinking and I feel that I should go ahead and answer those burning questions in your head, so here we go.


Why Would You Want This?

I have been a member since May 24th, 2007 and can honestly say that Elftown is the most frequented site on my laptop. I spend most of my free time on here and find myself sitting here clicking the refresh button, just waiting for something to do.

I always wish I could contribute more to Elftown and I feel this is the best way to fulfill that wish. Helping others and making the jobs of the current council easier.


What Makes You Think We'll Pick You?

I get on Elftown several times a day and hate to go a day without logging in to check up on everything, even if I have to do it from my phone.

I have little to no problem multitasking as I am usually posting here, checking Facebook, and watching Netflix all at the same time, and that's not even including having to watch over my children.

I have created many wikis on Elftown and have a good feel for how they work as I currently run a two different RPGs:
<img:> Halo C.E. RPG
<img:> Level Five

Also, these personal undertakings:
<img:> Lord Josmar's Emporium of Useless Information
<img:> I <3 Rubber Duckies
<img:> The Elftown XBL Directory.

I have some experience putting up polls in wikis from my unofficial contest Support Our Council Banner Contest

I have experience in the forums and won't get lost or confused, I am also trying to familiarize myself with the Elftown Chat

I am a friendly person and am very difficult to push "over the edge". I try to take the calm approach and shut down most problems before they grow worse. And even when a time comes that I do get overly upset, I am quick to forgive, look past the situation, and move on.


What Do You Want To Do For Elftown

I would love to eventually be appointed to the Guards and help enforce the rules of this community. As well as becoming one of the Wiki Bosses once I have proven myself. I would love to help out on the Daily Poem as one of the Daily Poem Bosses. I could also help with the Statisticians, selecting, managing, and posting polls.

To sum it all up, I am willing to do whatever task is assigned to me.


What Have You Done For Elftown

I am creator and mod of the Dia de los Muertos Festival contests and I helped [Nioniel] mod the easter festival.

I have been honored with the following positions/badges:

<img:> Featured Member

<img:> Reference Photographers and an EPRM Champions.

<img:> patrollers.

<img:> Reviews Group (In training right now).

<img:> Literature Judges

<img:>  Photographers

<img:> Christmas Poets

<img:> ET Roleplayers

<img:> Donor of Writing

<img:> Daily Poet

<img:> Reviewers

<img:> Featured Wikigraphers

<img:> ET Artists

<img:> Tutors

<img:> ET Photomanipulators.

<img:> Saint Valentine Photographers

I have made several suggestions for competitions and polls for the Main Street.

I am a member of the C.U.R.E. Committee for the C.U.R.E. wiki.

I am getting involved in the Text Adventures wiki and hoping to bring more RPGs into the mix.


Anyone Willing To Fight For You?

1) [Nioniel] - An excellent and active member of Elftown, I think that [Lord Josmar] would be a useful and eager member of the Elftown Crew.
2) [shadow of darkness] - I can't think of anyone who's more eager to do something for this site. I've been here longer than he has, but sadly I have no desire to contribute more than my mere presence. lol I'm in many RPGs with him, including the two of his own making, and can honestly say that he's a wonderful GM and I feel I can trust him with that sort of power.
3) [Aeolynn]
4) [Ravenclaw] - I shall take the blame for making Josmar join Et.
5) [Alexi Ice] - Always helpful. I think he will make a wonderful edition to the crew.

- Apply to the Crew

Username (or number or email):


2011-04-21 [Nioniel]: A wonderful start. :)

2011-04-21 [Lord Josmar]: Thanks. I know its not enough to submit yet, but I'm hoping to get some pretty impressive stuff on here soon.

2011-04-22 [Flisky]: ^_^ Very nice.

2011-04-23 [Aeolynn]: I will rise up and fight for your cause!

2011-04-23 [Lord Josmar]: YAY! My first minion!

2011-04-28 [Nioniel]: I added myself as a supporter and fixed a broken link.

2011-04-28 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz, thanks. What link was broken?

2011-04-28 [Nioniel]: My username. :P

2011-04-28 [Lord Josmar]: Oh wow, that's flattering, huh? Lol.

2011-04-30 [Nioniel]: You should make sure that your links are properly linked. :) Literary Judges is not the name of the page, therefore, your link leads to an empty wiki. :)

2011-04-30 [Lord Josmar]: Really? I thought I linked it correctly. Thanks, I will look over all the links and make sure none lead to empties.

2011-04-30 [shadow of darkness]: Literature Judges dude. ;-)

2011-04-30 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, I almost messed that up when I accepted it, lol. For some reason Literary just sounds correct. Gonna have to work on that.

2011-04-30 [Lord Josmar]: Alright. All links should now be fully operational. *Resists making Star Wars reference.*

2011-04-30 [Nioniel]: Epic. :)

2011-05-10 [SilverFire]: [Lord Josmar], you can help maintain text adventures without being in crew, and we certainly wouldn't mind if you did. ;)

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: Well, it really comes down to the fact that I don't want to overstep my bounds and make anyone feel like Im encroaching on their territory or doing their job, etc.

2011-05-10 [SilverFire]: Text Adventures is no one's job. It's a community page, for the community, by the community. Recently many RPers seem to have forgotten about it (and then complain that their RPs don't get enough attention, of course). No one is going to complain if you whip it into shape and find current RPs to list there. ;)

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: Awesome. I will have to give it a thorough once over once I get back home to my laptop.

2011-05-26 [SilverFire]: From the top of Apply to the crew: "Note: Please don't apply to be a guard! We don't make anyone a guard without first making sure that we can trust them as a council member. So apply to council and then if you get onto the Council you can start thinking of guard work. "

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: I wasn't applying to be a guard, I was just making my wish to eventually be a guard known. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

2011-05-26 [SilverFire]: But there's nothing about what you'd like to do on the actual Council. :P

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: I know. I looked at that section for awhile and couldnt think of any specific task that I would like to be assigned. Really any task would be great to me, as long as I am able to help in some way.

2011-05-26 [Flisky]: There's lots you can do. Their is moderating contests, working on building official pages, updating said pages, organizing stuff, doing any one of the numerous features...Yep. Lots. ^_^

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: I would probably want to do more of the building the official pages and stuff like that. The one thing about moderating the contests is that I wont be able to participate in them. So only the drawing and crafting ones. :P

2011-05-26 [Flisky]: You should put that up there then. :)

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: I was going too, I have about 30 updates that I was trying to burn through real quick so the wife can get on, but she went outside so I dodged that bullet, lolz.

2011-05-26 [Flisky]: ^_^

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: If I make her mad I wont have to break the rules here on ET to get a perma-ban. She will ban me in real life. o_0

2011-05-26 [Flisky]: Hmmm...don't let her do that!

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. I will try.

2011-06-01 [Lord Josmar]: Made a few additions and changed the wording of a few parts.

2011-06-01 [SilverFire]: You also don't need to be on the crew to be one of the reviews bosses. :) The only jobs you need to be on crew for are Admin and Experts jobs. Workers jobs may be done by normal members.

2011-06-01 [Lord Josmar]: Always picking on me [SilverFire]! : p

I'm going to take a good look at those lists and see what I can do then probably make some changes when something catches my eye, but wont change the update date.

2011-06-01 [SilverFire]: I'm just letting you know that you could volunteer for that job now! :P I'm helping you, not picking on you. Pbtbbtbtbtbtbtbtbtb. :P

2011-06-01 [Lord Josmar]: Not a lot I can do in the Admin section unless I start sucking up to [Hedda], lolz. How many bugs/spelling errors does one need before becoming an inspector? Or is it more on the same wave length as the patrollers and doesnt go by a certain number?

2011-06-01 [SilverFire]: Spelling errors don't really count. It's 2 or 3 bugs, as long as [Hedda] remembers to actual document who reported them. :P

2011-10-15 [Imperator]: My only question is why have you removed the time/date from your comments? Are you hiding from something?!

2011-10-15 [Lord Josmar]: I didnt realize I had.

2011-10-15 [Imperator]: Mhmm... I will note this in my files...

2011-10-15 [Alexi Ice]: Are you investigating him? Lol

2011-10-15 [Imperator]: The real question is, ARE YOU?

2011-10-16 [Lord Josmar]: Oh! Touche!

2011-10-16 [Alexi Ice]: Omg! How did you know!

2012-02-03 [Nioniel]: Nice faff. :)

2012-02-03 [Lord Josmar]: Faff?

2012-02-03 [Nioniel]: uh...fix-up?

2012-02-03 [Lord Josmar]: Ah ok. I thought that was what it meant but I had only heard it used, maybe, twice.


2012-02-03 [Nioniel]: Yep.

2012-02-04 [Lord Josmar]: Is it enough faff to get me upgraded?

2012-02-04 [Nioniel]: Dunno.

2012-02-04 [Lord Josmar]: Why not?!

2012-02-04 [Nioniel]: *shrug*

2012-02-04 [Lord Josmar]: kk.

2012-03-07 [Lord Josmar]: Hm...that's odd. The LJEoUI wiki link is broken now. It worked before I added the bullet and now it wont work.

2012-03-07 [Mortified Penguin]: The end bracket was left off of Level Five, which messed up the next wiki link.

2012-03-07 [Lord Josmar]: Ah. I didnt even notice that. Thanks.

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