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2007-03-05 13:31:00
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This is a wiki for all who love lizards!
I personally have a gecko named Kiran and love her to pieces!
So, if anybody loves lizards... leave a note here!


1. [Princess Carwash] -I love lizards.. i especially like bearded dragons!
2. [~!~Cat~!~] -I love CHAMELEONS!!!SSSSSSSSSS. . . .
3. [Rebexie] i love all types of lizards their so cute
4.[Sad Sinner666] they are so cool!
5. [Flisky] okay...I'm writing a story about anthropomorphic lizards...
6.[WvS] I have 2 tegu's (Tupinambis rufescens and Tupinambis merianae ...or old name teguixin..I wont stick my fingers in the last ones cage...but I love them!

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2005-02-01 [rubberduc316]: I am a hardcore lizard lover and the creator of this wiki!!! This is my gecko Kiran who is awesome!!!

2005-02-20 [rubberduc316]: yay!!!someone else who loves them!!!

2005-03-19 [KaLyN89]: I love the lizards I have an iguana, bearded dragon,and two tokay geckos

2005-04-14 [~!~Cat~!~]: I have a Chameleon, its sooooooo cute

2005-04-28 [Cockamaroach]: Lizards ROCK

2005-11-18 [Flisky]: my chameleon is the inspiration for my story

2005-11-24 [pixietrick55]: send me the story will yah,

2005-11-26 [Flisky]: i will as soon as I get the thing typed...

2007-03-05 [WvS]: Gecko's are cute. I used to have 5 little ones (2 inches tall) dont remember the Latin name tho..

2008-01-20 [rubberduc316]: sad news everybody... kiran is dead

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