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2012-05-21 04:17:50
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Little Red Lizard


/ [Lord Josmar]

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2012-06-17 [Hedda]: What kind of lizard is it?

2012-06-17 [Lord Josmar]: I wish I knew. I have lived out here for well over a decade and have never seen one like this. Also my lizard book is missing so I haven't had any luck in identifying it.

2012-10-20 [iippo]: Awwwhhh <3

2014-08-30 [Dezmond]: this is a salamander, technically, it's an amphibian ^^

2014-09-15 [Lord Josmar]: I wasn't able to identify it before I posted the picture, so I just went with the generic term.

2014-09-16 [Dezmond]: haha no worries, just saw you said you didn't know what it was and figured i'd help solve the mystery.

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