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Little Nemo - Adventures in Slumberland Review

When I was much younger, "Little Nemo - Adventures in Slumberland" was one of my favourite movies. Since all those years ago, I hadn't much thought of this film until about six months ago when I found it at a shop for only $5.00. Remembering how much I loved it when I was a child, I purchased it and even got my husband, who usually hates anything animated, to watch it with me.

Little Nemo is the story of a young boy, Nemo, who is unhappy with his home life. His father works too much for his liking and he feels lonely and a bit neglected as a result. In Nemo's dreams, he receives a royal invitation to the Kingdom of Slumberland.

While in Slumberland, young Nemo meets with the King, who names Nemo his sole heir, and presents Nemo with a special key which has the power to open any and every door in the kingdom. However, the King warns Nemo that he must never open the door which shares the same twisted symbol that is featured on the key. Nemo promises never to do so, and so a royal event is to be held in Nemo's honor, presenting him to Slumberland as the King's heir.

Before this honor can be bestowed upon Nemo, though, he first interacts with a "frightful fellow" named Flip, who manages to get Nemo into a lot of trouble, which includes enticing Nemo to unlock the forbidden door. Unfortunately, the King's warning was real as he had once locked the Nightmare King, the King of Nightmare Land, behind that door to keep the evil away from his kingdom and his people. Once the Nightmare King is freed, Nemo and his friends must travel into Nightmare Land to in order to save the day.

This film stars the voice talents of Mickey Rooney, Rene Auberjonois, and Gabriel Damon, and is directed by Chris Columbus ("Harry Potter", "Home Alone") and Robert B. Sherman ("Fantasia").

I have always loved this movie, and I guess that I still do. I love movies about imaginiation and overcoming fear, and this movie has both of those components. Having Rene Auberjonois star as the voice talent of the Professor was just an added bonus for me when I picked this movie up a few months back. When I was younger, I didn't care who did the voices for animated characters, but now that I can appreciate such things, I find that I'm often impressed with some of the choices.

I do recommend this movie, and for all ages. I think that children and adults alike will find something to love about this film. I know that I did!
/ [Nioniel]

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