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Welcome to the Little Britain fan club!

This page is in for some serious editing...soon...


"Britain, Britain, Britain, Land of diversity. There are men with moustaches and men without. Eggs are cooked in a variety of ways. But what of the people of Britain? What do they? Who is them? And why?"


<img:>It's obviously one of the best shows on TV!<img:>


"If you want to buy a pet, you go to a pet shop. If you want to buy a pet shop, you go to a pet shop shop. If you want to buy a pet shop shop you're just being silly."

Vicky Pollard


Social worker: “So where's your baby vicky?”

Vicky: “Yeah but no but no but Carly found a pube in her lasagne, and Darren said he was gonna go to third base with Amber but that was RUBBAAASH and don't listen to Amber. I like Amber but she ain't my friend so you better talk to Amber but I dont know her. Anyway, I dont know nuffin' so SHUT AAP!”

Social worker: “All I want to know Vicky is where your baby is...?”

Vicky: “Oh, I swapped it for a Westlife CD."

Social worker: “OH MY GOD!!! HOW COULD YOU?!?!"

Vicky: “I know.... they're RUBBAAASH!!"

Little Britain!-Vicky Pollard


If you have a verruca, and would like to share it with others, then why not pop down to your local swimming pool?


Emily Howard

'You must know that I am a lady... I press flowers and stroke kittens and swim in rivers... wearing dresses and hats...and shit.'





Dafydd Thomas

'It's so hard being the only gay in the village.'
'You're probably not gay at all...'re probably just a little bit poofy'


Lou and Andy

'Yeh, I know'


Margorie Dawes

'And because it's half the calories... can eat twice as much'
'Wellll Sccrrreeeeeww Yooooouuu'

Little Britain!-Marjorie Dawes


Kenny Craig

'Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. The eyes. The eyes. Not around the eyes. Don't look around my eyes. Look into my eyes... You're under.'


The Prime Minister and Sebastian

'He was looking at you … like he loves you.'
'Be gentle with me prime minister.'


Sir Bernard Chumley

'Yes, lost the use of her legs...
of course I look back on it now and laugh'


Dennis Waterman

'They want me to write the feem toon, sing the feem toon'
'Mr. Mac Beff is a naughty man... Doo doo doo doo doo... He gone and killed another man... Doo doo doo doo...I have a good idea... Just thou keep me near...I'll be so good for the Scottish play'





Ray McCoonie

'I leave ye with a riddle.. ...I'm hard yet soft, I'm coloured yet clear... ...I'm fruity and sweet, I am jelly... ...What am I?'





Dame Sally Markham

'Chapter 1...the end.'


Bubbles de Vere

'I'm winking darling'


Rachel and Nicola

'Oh yes, I can see the family resemblence'



'You're a junkie, you're a loser, you're scum. Go on, get out of my sight... Stay where you are...'


Judy and Maggie

'Please Maggie, she's just a child'

O[T]H[E]R [C]H[A]R[A]C[T]E[R]S

~Mr Cleaves
~Edward and Samantha
~Boris the Babysitter
~Mrs P and her dogs
~Rod and Joan
~Doctor Lawrence and Doctor Beagre

Find out which character you are...and 'yehessss'...I'm Ray Mcoonie!

Don't know what Little Britain is?? Shame on you! Use the links to find out what you've been missing!



Little Britain!-Emm, members and shit
Little Britain!-World Record Attempts
Little Britain!-The Big Amazing Page
Little Britain!-Favourite 'Catchphrases'
NEW!! Little Britain!-Who do you love? NEW!! -A poll! WOOT!
Little Britain Contest=By the one and only [Keii]!
NEW!! The Matt and Dave Fan Club NEW!!


Run along to Little Britain!-Emm, members and shit to join, dudes.

Right, to stir some interest in this, I'm putting the poll here! Do it...!!!

695) Who is your favourite character in Little Britain? (Administrator: [Blasphemous Rumours])

Number of voters: 52
* a) Vicky Pollard
Number of votes: 12 (23%)

* b) Emily Howard
Number of votes: 1 (2%)

* c) Florence
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* d) Daffyd Thomas
Number of votes: 5 (10%)

* e) Lou Todd
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* f) Andy Pipkin
Number of votes: 10 (19%)

* g) Marjorie Dawes
Number of votes: 1 (2%)

* h) Kenny Craig
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* i) Michael (Prime Minister)
Number of votes: 1 (2%)

* j) Sebastian
Number of votes: 8 (15%)

* k) Sir Bernard Chumley
Number of votes: 1 (2%)

* l) Dennis Waterman
Number of votes: 1 (2%)

* m) Anne
Number of votes: 5 (10%)

* n) Ray McCooney
Number of votes: 3 (6%)

* o) Bubbles De Vere
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* p) Dame Sally Markham
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* q) Harvey Pincher
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* r) Rachel
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* s) Nicola
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* t) Doug
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* u) Judy
Number of votes: 1 (2%)

* v) Maggie
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* w) Boris the Babysitter
Number of votes: 2 (4%)

* x) Des Kaye
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* y) 'Crocodile' (heh)
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* z) Other (A lesser known character)
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* A) None, I hate Little Britain. I'm only here and voting because, well, yeah...
Number of votes: 1 (2%)

Good bike!

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2005-05-13 [Blasphemous Rumours]: 'uh uh uhhh'

2005-05-13 [Keii]: O.O

2005-05-13 [Blasphemous Rumours]: 'Yes, one knows'

2005-05-13 [Keii]: Noooo.... stop!

2005-05-13 [Blasphemous Rumours]: 'Yes but, no but, yes.'

2005-05-15 [Doodle of Cydonia]: i just did an 8-page essay on fecking Macbeth. *doodoodoodooooo* :)

2005-05-15 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Mr Macbeff is a naughty man, do do do do do do

2005-05-20 [samantha louise!]: macbeth! fuck him! lol

2005-06-03 [Doodle of Cydonia]: agrrrrrr.....hate it....evil. bad. grr.

2005-06-23 [Jo!]: i joined yay

2005-08-15 [psychekiller]: is this only used for little britain quotes

2005-08-15 [Alfirin Lindlea]: nopers

2005-08-15 [psychekiller]: k

2005-08-19 [Blasphemous Rumours]: *blinks* Someone commented?!!

2005-08-19 [psychekiller]: erm yes little britain rocks

2005-08-19 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Excellent.

2005-08-20 [psychekiller]: he he

2005-11-21 [Moonshdow13]: me loves little britain.

2005-11-21 [Moonshdow13]: i want that 1

2005-11-30 [psychekiller]: er ye

2005-12-06 [Doodle of Cydonia]: My mom found talking dolls. Bog help us all.

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