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The Outer Rim of the Great Wheel,
The Macrocosm, and the Edge of Reality

     This is the garbage dump of the universe. The used-up elements come here to die, and the cosmic trash that finds no other home or purpose tends to find itself here, amidst a vast sweeping chaos of elemental churning and disintegration.

     Many lost, abandoned, and incomplete souls and host bodies float out into and amid the rubble and planar sewage of the chaotic outskirts of the outer realms.

     Very little can survive here without a willpower of its own to thrive on, but there are some who call this place home. The slaad breed and live here, happy to control the elements in order to survive among them in balance. Their only immediate danger, the Githzerai monks of the small monesteries of the councils of Limbo, make their outposts on the thresholds of chaos and destruction, holding their homes and bases of operation together by sheer focus of will.


     Unborn souls of Jashnia that send themselves to dissipation from the WFR's Character Page come here.
These are potential acceptees who need to make some changes before we can approve them. If you're on this list, please do something about it, even if that only means messaging one of the mods and letting them know that you're no longer interested!

     Characters in Limbo are 'anarchic creatures', tattered, un-finished entities whose creator-gods and avatars abandoned them in the cosmic vast, left stranded and mis-guided; soulless voids, the carnal temples who shall forever be swept in the current of dying elements, to be cast some day into oblivion or into the Deeper Vast, the area of the cosmos where life make no sense, and where death is in the past.

     The WFR Lost Characters, however, are not anarchic and are not lost in the sweeping ridge of the cosmos, past the heavens and hells... they're just flat out lost. Sent on adventures never travelled, looting hordes that just plain don't exist, these fools roam the universe, hidden from the eyes of any truth, since their players have abandoned... well, us. Players who do not show up to Elftown for months and years at a time are sent to this land of misfit characters.... Not to Limbo.

     Anarchic Characters in Limbo:
Fuin [Oddjob]
Selek [Punk_Rock_Mosher]
Whupem / [benjismokin]
Neuuval Sleavunsu
Edorita / [Savior of the Broken]
Marius / [F34R :82:-DE]
Gelina / [Bahn]
Jade Sparrow / [jade_sparrow13]
Thayandegea Nioshia
Ana o'Kelly
Araella / [Savior of the Broken]
Ghosted Half / [White Fire Ninja]
Molvado / [Black Fire Ninja]
Galactic Dumphole / [Several applicants who have never been seen on the WFR again, so I didn't feel like giving them their own wiki page]


     On the very edge of the multiverse, the layers and weaved tapestries of the cosmos that make up reality, the elements who have seen their day and become lost in supernovae explosions, spellcaster backlash-rifts, paradox, elemental death and oblivion, all come to seek refuge here while they wither away, crush under their own weight and motion, consume and are consumed by the other elements, and slowly grind away at each other in a massive cosmological death scene that is eternal and mind-boggling. Limbo, this realm of eternal chaos, is the very rim of the hat of the worlds, the furthest one can travel from the center, and where orbit has no gravity but 'Out'. To travel this direction is to seek Oblivion and the Unknown. Most planar travellers, including the native Githzerai and Slaadi, travels adjacent to the sweeping death, some wiser beings controlling the very chaos sweeping beneath them, known as 'anarching' or controlled limbo. One could in theory travel in this way around the great circumference of toil, but it is not safe, suggested, or easy in any way. Controlling Limbo means a constant, concentrated focus on making sure that the elements in your region of space are balanced forces of mostly air and earth, separated, for most material-realm entities. It requires a Wisdom Check (for stat freaks, of DC 13/15/17 -normal, highly-active and opposing control).




     A rift in the realms of the cosmos begins to seep through, as the Temple of the Light begins to break away from Vraisynn Palace, and station itself and its caretaker in the chaos of Limbo.

     It cannot seem to push through yet, but as the fissure slowly broadens, the pressure becomes more intense.
Gith scouts begin inspecting the fissure on their side of the crack, and await the temple's final inception into this realm, where it can rest safely in harmony among the most inharmonious aspects of nature.

     The Temple of the Light is a two-fold wiki; It is a roleplay and setting wiki for [xido]'s WFR pages, and it is also a personal spirituality page. Updates soon.


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2005-06-27 [Blood Raven]: hope you don't mind the Dumphole

2005-07-02 [xido]: Nope, that's fine, but I'm not watching it..... You should, just in case someone tries to argue with you about it..... Nice name though... Dumphole.... heh heh heh

2005-07-02 [xido]: Maybe I should post the rule above, about getting out of Limbo to save your character's life and your own reputation.... I like that house rule.

2005-07-02 [Blood Raven]: yeah it would be cool. I'd even consider just applying a char and putting it here to wiki in Limbo, and get killed by hordes of slaadi, randomly appearing chucks of fire and other lethal stuff, or randomly dissapearing solid object pulling you into one maelstrom or another :P

2005-07-11 [xido]: see, it DOES sound like fun to someone with the right mindset.... I knew it would. ;P

2005-07-11 [Blood Raven]: XD you so smart

2005-12-28 [Kim_Lundin]: Anyone wants to dance some limbo with me? ^^ Sorry, REALLY bad pun.

2006-01-11 [Kim_Lundin]: Heh, nice description for the lost ones ^^ I like the "looting hordes that just don't plain exist" part.

2006-01-15 [xido]: ;P of course, Kim, with the puns.... :D  You guys can rp here all you want.... I can give answers if you're not sure of the concept or environment... but I can't begin a new rp yet, until I figure out which pages I no longer need to edit anymore.....

2006-01-15 [Kim_Lundin]: I don't use puns THAT often... right? ... I know the basic stuff about Limbo, the stuff in the core D&D books, that is. If anyone's interested in rping with me I can do that, but I haven't had much experience with actually running a game before, so either it should be someone who has a plot, or someone who understands that my stories may have flaws.

2006-12-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Interesting eyes, reminds me of slaadi.

2006-12-22 [xido]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif> Exactly. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

They live in Limbo, you know that, right? ;) I figured it would be a cool touch to the page, and it does fit...

2006-12-23 [Kim_Lundin]: Yup, I know that much about them, I'm pretty much in the dark about their colors, though. I know red are supposed to be the weaklings and white are supposed to be avoided.

2006-12-28 [xido]: I am going to do some searching... I had them in my PC, but I can't find them... brb.

2006-12-28 [Kim_Lundin]: I took a look on Planewalker. They listed the colors, but not how they're "ranked".

2007-01-28 [xido]: Name (book) Siz, Challenge Rating, opt. class

Highest +
Death Slaad (MMI3.5) Med, CR 13, Rogue/Assasin
Gray Slaad (MMI3.5) Med, CR 10, Sorceror
Green Slaad (MMI3.5) Lrg, CR 9, n/a
Blue Slaad (MMI3.5) Lrg, CR 8, n/a
Red Slaad (MMI3.5) Lrg, CR 7, n/a
Mud Slaad (Fiend Folio) Med, CR 6, n/a
Lowest -

Art - Blue / Death:

Green / Red / Gray:


2007-01-28 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... never heard of mud slaad before.

2007-02-26 [xido]: From the Fiend Folio.  ;) They're the small crony Slaad, CR 6.

2007-02-26 [Kim_Lundin]: Ah, I don't have that one... only got the core manuals.

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