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2009-11-23 02:49:33
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Lifted Characters


Darwin Hayes

A New York University law student

Age 21

Played by [Rhymes With Orange]


Lora "Ivy" Yazzie

A Native American transfer student majoring in Botany at New York University

Age 20

Played by [Phantom Puppet_Magician]


Jeff Daniels

A New York Harbor tugboat captain

Age 19

Played by [Harms_Way]


Ellizabeth "Elli" Karman

An English Photographer

Age 23 but looks like she's in her teens still

Played by [XxTsomexX]/[Rice]


Diana Santanda

Fortuneteller by trade

Age 32 but looks around 55 (on purpose)

Played by [Chimes]


Aimee Larson

Free-lance photo journalist

Age 26

Played by [Akayume]


James Slayter

U.S. Senator and Businessman

Age 59

Played by [Imperator]


Ian "Ace" Sakae

Writing student by day, bartender by night.

Age 22

Played by [Kai Crewger]


Cresig - Creis

A freelancer, to put it elegantly, aiming to be a tattoo artist.

Age 31

Played by [Erubeus]

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2009-06-16 [Harms_Way]: so how do you create a character?

2009-06-16 [Rhymes With Orange]: Just make one basically. You can come up with a name, possible career, stuff like that.

2009-06-17 [Akayume]: How does one change the page? o.o

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