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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to Life Science!

The course curriculum is designed to help you learn to deal with financial, personal, family and misc. problems that everyone eventually has to deal with in some way. It offers education, suggestions and real solutions to many problems that without help can seem insurmountable.



- [Dark Side of the Moon]
- [sugarplumfairy]
- [threelade]



The lessons in green are ready. The rest I will finish as soon as I can.

Child Care
 Potty training by [threelade]
 Bottle vs. Breast
 Drinking from a cup
 Diaper rash
 Child proofing your home.
 Why young children don’t share.
 Learning to crawl
 Learning to walk
 Kids and pets
 Life after teething
 Colic is not the end of your sanity
 First foods
 Games kids play (and how to stop them) by [threelade]
 Simple educational games to play with your children by [threelade]
 Bed wetting
 Imperfect parents
 Taming temper tantrums by [threelade]

 Understanding Credit reports by [threelade]
 Planning your personal budget by [threelade]
 Balancing a check book
 How to save money
 Understanding Interest rates by [threelade]
 Planning for your retirement
 Life insurance, what kind and how much do you need.
 Comparison shopping
 Credit cards, which one is best for you.
 You and your money, how and why you spend.

 Planning a menu
 Shopping for food by [threelade]
 How to get the blood stains (and others) out
 Laundry made simple
 The Three Kits every home should have by [threelade]
 The living will by [threelade]
 Reading a road atlas.
 Duct tape and its many different uses
 Cooking made easy.
 Poisonous House Plants. by [threelade]
 Cosmetology by ???
 Coffee 101 by [Dark Side of the Moon]
This list of classes may be amended as I think of more topics.


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2005-08-10 [Ultiem]: suggestion of lesson: Driver Safety for misc. Work in progress

2005-08-10 [Ultiem]: Duct tape and auto mechanics Lesson completed

2005-08-11 [threelade]: If your going to prepair a lesson for this class it must be more than a string of facts. It has to have explinations as to why.... so students can understand and apply the information in

2006-03-16 [iippo]: This is good - sign me up!

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