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2005-06-18 00:41:27
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To play this game all you have to do is make a sentence out of a few letters. The words must start with the letter provided.

Example : R-M-P-T-T-B-C

1)[cheesecake] Really mad people tend to be crazy.

More rules:

1. No profanity or improper words or phrases.
2.Only 10 people per competition. 
3. You can only type 1 or 2 phrases per competition.
4.The phrases must be in English since that is what most everyone understands.
5.You need to be a member to play.

Awards:Anyone is able to vote but only once , even if you entered.

I will also pick my favorite. Winners will recieve a button ( I have yet to design one so if anyone has an idea come to me. )

Award catagories:
1. Most popular-this is for the person who won the most votes for origonality.
2.Cheesecake's choice-my choice.

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