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Libris Psionae

A Tome of Psionics in the Grammaticum Primeaval

See Also:
  - Psionic Characters :::
     >Heroes List, Psionic WFR Guild Members

  - Psionic Ranks :::
     >Psionic D&D Classes and Professional Ranks & Titles

  - Psionic Races :::
     >Species with Psionic Tendencies or Inherent Powers/Talents

  - Psionic Powers :::
     >The Powers of the Mind

  - Psionic Feats :::
     >Unique Abilities Gained by Experience and Rank Progression

  - Psionic Mechanics and Basic Rules :::
     >How do Psionics Work?

  - Psionic Prestige Guilds :::
     >Guilds, Special Groups and Organizations of Psionic Repute

  - Example Psionic Characters :::
     >Some Psionic Character Examples for viewing & comparing

  - Prophecies and Lore of the Psions
     >Lore, Legend and Prophecies related to Psions and the their culture

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