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                                L i b r a s U n i t e d                      

Welcome fellow Librans!! You have come to the ideal place! This is a wiki dedicated to us Libras, the most desirable sign of zodical types.


01.[obscure_Madame] September 25
02.[Shadow Reaper] October 4th
03.[Slytherin's Werewolf] October 11th
04.[Azuri]October 15th
05.[Temptress of Valhalla] October 1st
06.[Little Insane Cat] October 17th
07. [Le Monstre Dans Le Gateau] October 5th
08.[Gwen32] September 26th
09. [kate27] September 27th
10.[maruchi] September 30
11.[3 Dreizig] October 17th
12.[peace4all_monkey] october 7th
13.[darklihannah] october 8th
14.[Paz] september 23rd
15. [purplegirl1818] Oct. 18th
16. [*~Melso~*] Oct. 11
17. [Wee Dee] October 7th
18. [Merciless Cult] September 24
19. [Raesha] October 1st

Traditional Qualities of a Libra

Extremely Sociable

On the dark side we are...

Some Famous Librans

Linda McCartney 9/24
Will Smith 9/25
Barbara Walters 9/25
Michael Douglas 9/25
Catherine Zeta Jones 9/25
Lech Walesa 9/29
James Earl Carter 8/1
Julie Andrews 8/1
Sting 8/2
John Lennon 8/9
Eleanor Roosevelt 8/11
Dwight Eisenhower 8/14


Right now we have 4. Feel free to donate.





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2004-12-26 [obscure_Madame]: Czesc people! Merry Christmas!!! Don't get too fat on all the food!!

2004-12-27 [3 Dreizig]: Haha yay food

2005-01-12 [Paz]: Food is good

2005-01-12 [3 Dreizig]: Yes ^^

2005-01-12 [Shadow Reaper]: lol

2005-01-15 [Paz]: of course!

2005-01-24 [purplegirl1818]: HEY GUYS

2005-02-16 [3 Dreizig]: Hello

2005-03-27 [Wee Dee]: hay

2005-03-28 [Shadow Reaper]: hola

2005-06-08 [Merciless Cult]: Hullo all

2005-06-10 [Shadow Reaper]: << you know, i've started to wonder who the oldest is out of all of us here

2005-06-10 [3 Dreizig]: On Libras, or ET?

2005-06-10 [Shadow Reaper]: libras

2005-06-11 [3 Dreizig]: Hmm...probably not me...I'm only 17...

2005-06-15 [Shadow Reaper]: *shrugs* i'm 19

2005-10-04 [crowfeather]: HAPPY BIRTHDAY REAPER!!!!

2005-10-04 [Shadow Reaper]: oO lol you weren't kidding when you said you went to several of the sites i'm on

2007-05-09 [Raesha]: Marching Bandits! is my newest wiki! ALL BAND PEOPLES MUST JOIN! PLEASE!!!

2007-05-15 [Shadow Reaper]:'s been a while since i last posted here...i'm 21 now going to be 22

2007-08-01 [3 Dreizig]: Yeah really...I'm almost 20 now jeez lol

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