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Library and training
Learn from the bests... at some costs.
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Choose your first skill carefully it's for free!!
Take a skill and add it on your profile take the costs from your gold supply.

Normal skills
50 knivefighter
50 swordsman
50 axeguy
50 spearstabber
50 marksman
100 trapmaster-> setting AND disarming them
50 lockpick-> you'll also need to buy one
100 stalker-> move without a sound
200 infiltrate -> dress as a guard to enter a building for example
100 acrobate
300 killingblow
50 shielder -> expert with shields
100 dodge
50 sprint

Magic skills
50 alchemist-> expert at making potions and poisons
100 healer
200 destructor-> good at destroying things
200 illusionist-> can hide things
200 enchanter-> can enchant things
100 telepathy
200 telekineses
100 foresight
200 all seeingeye
100 animal speaker

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