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       The Li Emperial Palace

    Over the centuries the Li family has been building a fortress in the Fuji Mountains. The fortress or should it be called the Emperial Palace, has been comlpeted and now awaits the family and their companions...

 At the entrance to the palace grounds, an inscription is ingraved above the lintel of the Gates. " All those who enter in friendship and service, may pass. Woe to thee whom ill feelings thou bear, Your thoughts are heard."


The Palace is on the side of the Kazamai mountain. A beautiful glade creates the plateau that the palace and the grounds sit upon. The Gardens are eloquent in all things, There are many private Pagoda style homes in the back reaches of the palace for private guests and those who do not wish to stay permanently in the palace as a resident.The Fuji Mountains are a dangerous place, filled with daemons, wolves, and creatures to evil and destructive to name or imagine. The Emperial Palace is the only safe place in the mountains, except for the Falls of Ayame, where the Goddess Elohna resides. The Palace is responsible for the removal of these dangerous creatures to ensure the countries safety and to retain the Family honor, with the Emperor, Zaedrein Li's great-great-great-nephew Empereror Zhar Tsi Kazamai...

Boad well and good luck to all who venture into this realm.

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2016-05-14 [Kayin~li]: He looks to Lilly seeing this girl is getting under her skin he kinda smiles the bit of drama amusing him he turns to Aaenia "you sly little minx" crossing his arms over his chest before looking her up and down " you are but a little tease" he laughs once more

2016-05-14 [Tainted Guardian]: She gave a sly smirk, "Don't flatter me so, it inflates my ego. Though flirting in front of your former self's former wife has an amusing effect upon her." Aaenia began to wonder around, she remained in earshot, but otherwise disengaged the pair until next addressed, or had further business with them.

2016-05-14 [Lilly_Cortez]: *She goes off upstairs back to the bedroom and gets the painting of their family off the wall as it was the painting she wanted as she scans over it and then smiles remembering good times. She would then go into what was the kids rooms and collects a few things.* I believe thats it *She smiles alittle not letting the creature get under her skin*

2016-05-14 [Kayin~li]: He watches both of them walk away "hmm" he turns walking into the armory he laughs to himself once more before approaching a chest, he lifts the lid grabbing a sword which was wrapped in a deep purple cloth he unwraps it revealing his father's sword he looked it over a small smile on his face "still here I see" he wraps it back up gently before turning around and heading twords the door.

2016-05-14 [Tainted Guardian]: (Feel free to post, I'll add something if needed.)

2016-05-16 [Tainted Guardian]: Aaenia had managed to slip behind the woman that now carried a variety of objects, her blue eyes staring down blatantly at her backside. She wanted her head to one side, seemingly caught in her own thoughts.

2016-05-16 [Kayin~li]: Nihil slid quietly down the side of the roof stoping himself as he reached the edge he pulled down the cover over his mouth "shit" he said looking down the fall from the roof would be lethal as the house edged a cliff. He covered his mouth once more before turning around he slowly lowered himself to the point he could see into a large window of the palace he swung his feet out before letting go and crashing through the window he knew the noise woulb be a bit loud so he slip himself into the shadows climbing the side of the wall he hung there looking to the door.

2016-05-16 [Lilly_Cortez]: *lilly would blink confused hearing the crash as she was coming down the stairs and looks around carrying what reminded her of the life she use to have*

2016-05-16 [Tainted Guardian]: "Looks like another one of you people just can't keep out of my home...", she whispered into Lilly's ear, during the breif commotion, Aaenia had closed the distance between the woman and herself to that of a very intimate proximity. Her black, clawed hands slowly slud up the woman's stomach in a sensual manner as the odd Fae hugged Lilly from behind, her grey, barely clothed body pressing against her target's back while she rested her chin on Lilly's left shoulder.

2016-05-16 [Lilly_Cortez]: I do not know that person *she felt uncomfortable it the woman's arms.* but i will be leaving I have gotten what I wanted so I will return to my home

2016-05-16 [Kayin~li]: Nihil slides down from the wall quickly looking around the room he starts to walk twords a large dresser "sneak..sneak..sneak" he reaches the dresser opening a small box he quickly grabs some jewels "nice" he looks over to the right cocking his head slight looking at a painting of children playing "well" he walks over to the fire place sifting through the old burnt wood "yes" he walks over to the painting etching a large penis next to the face of one of the kids. He drops the old burnt piece of wood rubbing the soot off his hands "ha" he points at his work before leaving the room in search of more things

2016-05-16 [Tainted Guardian]: Her right hand gently, but insistently cupped the woman's chest, while her left hand threatened to travel... lower. "Come on now, you might as well stay the night. Women are fine too...", she purred before dragging her long, wet tongue up the woman's neck, jaw, and stopping at her cheek.

2016-05-16 [Lilly_Cortez]: *she winces and pulls away* I am sorry but I am not into other females *she goes after the man scrambling around and grabs ahold of the back of his shirt what are you doing *she growls*

2016-05-16 [Tainted Guardian]: She smirked as the woman ran away, "She claims to be a woman, but acts like a spoiled brat... At least her dead family is spared the torture." Aaenia went about her business, stopping to think a moment. "Now elwhere did the other one go?", her tongue slid over her lips as she began her search.

2016-05-16 [Kayin~li]: He feels a small tug on his cloak "think quick" he said out loud as he slipped his arms from his cloak and slid between her legs he gave his cloak a hard yank as she flipped forward landing on her back he looks down to her his eyes and ice blue he resembed her step son Damien but younger he put his foot on her chest "yoink" he said as he grabbed the scroll she was carrying he quickly opens it and looks down to her "the feels am I right" he throws the scroll hard out the opening in the wall he puts his hand go his ear he holds his hand up to her to keep her from speaking " far" he Lowera himself down and grabs his cloak" can't tell if it hit the water..nice dorm however" he takes his foot off her chest " who the hell are you" he puts his cloak back on and covers his face once more " no one's been here for like fifty years.

2016-05-16 [Lilly_Cortez]: *she looks into his eyes spying the blue that reminded her of her son.*i should ask your name you have the eyes of my son Damien who are you

2016-05-16 [Kayin~li]: He turned around looking down at her " I'm just looking around" he gave her a small smile " you are the one that attcked me for no reason what so ever" he turns around walking into another room

2016-05-16 [Tainted Guardian]: She was still wondering around, nothing new.

2016-05-16 [Kayin~li]: Kayin walks into a dimly lit room looking around he looks down into the hot spring he smiles " fantastic" he disrobes and steps down into the hot water then slowly sinks into it. He sits down and closes his eyes allowing the hot water to ease him into a relaxed state.

2016-05-16 [Tainted Guardian]: Kayin would be unaware that he had been tracked down like some mere rabbit, the predator stalking him lick its lips before stepping silently into the water. Closer and closer it prowled until it were close enough to make physical contact, and as Kayin relaxed with his eyes closed, he would feel the sensation if a supple, warm female Rum settle 'harmlessly' into his lap. "I found you...", the Fae sang in a pleasant taunt as she relaxed back into the former Lord of the castle.

2016-05-16 [Kayin~li]: Kayin opens his eyes a bit startled by the Fae he looks down to her a bit surprised " how did you find me" he asks feeling himself get a bit flushed in the face.

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