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Lesson 3: Verbs


In this lesson I will say something about the Ancient Greek verb. I will use LLUUOME as an exemple. I understand if this lesson may look a bit messy, so if you don't understand anything, please ask.


LL UU OME = to loosen, to untie, to undo etc./to put an end to something,to make an end of something.

                         Sing. 1st LL UU OME                    I untie                    
                                2nd LL UU EPS II SE                 You untie                            
                                3rd LL UU EPS II                   He/She/It unties
                          Plur. 1st LL UU OMI MM EPS NN             We untie
                               2nd LL UU EPS TT EPS                You untie
                                3rd LL UU OMI UU SS II (NN)            They untie



                                                      -EPS II SE
                                                      -EPS II
                                                      -OMI MM EPS NN
                                                      -EPS TT EPS
                                                      -OMI UU SS II (NN)



                         the man unties
                         I untie the student


Almost every verb has the same terminations as LLUUOME.

                              * BBAAIINNOME = to walk, to go, to come
                         the Greek walks
                         where do they go to?/they go to what place?
                             * ALKKOMIUUOME = to hear, to listen
                         Zeus listens
                         you listen because we listen


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