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Lesson 2

Càit’ a abheil sibh a’ dol? - Where are you going?

* Start a conversation with someone by referring to the weather.
* Introduce your husband or wife.
* Ask where someone is going and say where you are going.
* Ask where someone works and say where you work.
* Ask where someone lives and say where you live.
* Ask and say what something is like.
* Point something out.

Phrases – Còmhradh

Tha i fuar. It is cold.
glè fhuar. very cold.
a’ dol a {place} going to {place}
an-dràsda just now
mo bhean my wife
A bheil sibhse a’ dol a {place}? Are you going to {place}?
Chan eil. No. (We are not.)
Tha {name} ag obair ann an oifis. {name} works in an office.
a’ dol dhan oifis going to the office
mi fhèin agus mo chèile… my spouse (husband) and I…
ann an taigh-òsda in a hotel
ann am {place} in {place}
anns a’ bhàr in the bar
anns a’ chidsin in the kitchen
anns a’ {place} in {place}
glè mhath vary good
Càit’ a bheil sibh a’ fuireach? Where do you live
Tha sinn a’ fuireach anns an taigh-osda. We live in the hotel.
A bheil sibh a’ fuireach ann an {place}?  do you live in Glasglow
A bheil e snog? Is it nice/pretty?
Sin am plèan. There/that is the plane.
Obh obh! Oh dear!
Tha e beag. It is small.
ach tha e math but it is good


A common way of starting a conversation it to refer to the weather:
Tha i brèagha. It’s lovely/beautiful.
Tha i fliuch. It’s wet.
Tha i fuar. It’s cold.
Tha i garbh. It’s wild/rough.
The positive response to such a statement is Tha (It is) or Tha gu dearbh (Indeed it is).


1 Lenition
In Gaelic, the consonants at the beginning of words change in sound under certain conditions. This is known as lenition. In writing, the change in sound is normally shown by inserting an h after the initial consonant. An h is never inserted after l, n or r, nor after the s in sg, sm, sp or st.

To Be Continued....

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