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Page Owner: [Yume Youki]
Page Title: Leria Rules

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Welcome to the
Created by [Yume Youki] for the rp Leria

*~When you post you need to bold the first mention of your character's post (if it's completely obvious which character is being posted for we'll make exceptions, this is just to make following along easier).
*~All posts must be separated with a line(<[hr]>).

*~No God-moding.
*~No complaining on the wikis (if you have an issue than talk to one of the moderators personally).
*~Characters wishing to advance in their abilities are subject to a background check (meaning; please supply us with a list of any previous RP’s, if any, that you have been or are currently a part of).
*~No obscene language, and no sexual content <<<<By this i mean i don't want to see a description of your characters orgasm or certain body parts...if they go all the way so be it...just be discreet and tasteful in how it is done
*~You need to be able to post, if not then you must inform one of the moderators.
*~Be responsible with your character.
*~If your character fights another character that is superior, he or she may be injured, plan on that.
*~all fights between characters, must be approved by at least one of the moderators, and the outcome must be agreed upon by both of the participants.
*~You may not have more than three characters (some exceptions may be made).

1st offense; a warning
2nd offense; banned for a week
3rd offense; character deleted
(Note: ultimately this will be up to the moderators, and how severe the offense/violation is.)

Leria - the Homepage
Leria Beastery - a list of available character species/races.
Leria Characters - list of accepted characters and format for bio
Leria RP - <=[RP rooms are not yet open!]
Leria Bulletin <-- Don't forget to check this regularly for special announcements, updates, and other things!

Username (or number or email):


2009-09-02 [Yume Youki]: Please note that the Beastery, Character Page (which will probably never be finished), and RP rooms Page aren't finished even remotely yet.

So, don't go trying to RP in the RP room, no putting up characters on your own, and MOST importantly - DON'T GO AROUND MESSING WITH THE PAGES THAT ARE finished.

I apologize for the caps, but I wish to underline that one fact right there to the very last degree. Thank you. XD

2009-09-10 [Talos Cyrion]: *looks around* looks interesting, i think i might have a character (based loosely off of somthing from bleach if that's ok...) if you need any help then i would be happy to :)

2009-09-11 [Yume Youki]: Really?

Great! And no, I don't mind if you base your character after anything...

But yeah, I could use a little help...

There's still one page I need to do, the Leria Beastery, and I was kind of going for the species/races that you have, not because I'm trying to copy or anything, but just because yours are pretty basic.

Think you could help with that?

I'd copy and paste, but then I'd feel like I was plagiarizing, so... yeah.

Any help with that would be great!

Thankees very much!


2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: you can go ahead and copy and paste if you wish. I'll put together a character profile

2009-09-11 [Yume Youki]: Okay, thank you.

Also, if you could, could you spread the word about my rp?

I'm going to be putting it up on text adventures, but, as I'm not sure how many people go and look there, it'd be great to have some way of telling a bunch of people.

And even if you can't because of some reason or other (or even if it's just because you don't want to - don't worry about offending, I know the feeling XD), if you could give me some tips of advertising this (seeing as how I've never been very good at that sort of thing, and quite frankly have absolutely no idea how), or point me in the direction of someone (or something) who can, that'd be awesome.

Thanks again, and good luck with your profile - I've found them kind of frustrating to fill out at times. XP


2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: well the most effective way is to simply add yourself to the last visitor section of peoples houses with the rp as your mood...that way if they are interested then they will stick their noses in and have a looksy

I actually have the character profile (and i might even sketch him as well when he is using one of his abilities)

2009-09-11 [Yume Youki]: Okay, sounds good, and easy too. XD I'm quite lazy, and a big procrastinator, as well as a pure, through-and-through enjoyment/pleasure seeker (and have a tendency to get a bit irritated when told/forced to do something I don't want to).

And making a sketch would be sweet - I find that I pay more attention to the profiles that have pictures, than I do with others (I still haven't read all of the profiles on the Akallabeth Characters page, yet), just because the picture draws my attention and interest, whereas, all that black, never-ending text, I find somewhat daunting, to say the least...

I think I might get around to creating my own characters as well (I need a head of the resistance, as well as someone directly under the leader, who takes charge when the actual leader is gone, or not present. I also need a wife/lover of the head, some really annoying and nit picky Council of Kaltia members, who can make the leader either irritated to the point of losing it, or just totally weary and annoyed. I found that idea/tactic to be a bit humorous in the Eragon book, actually. XD)

Well, better get started (I might see if I can get away with going on my PC a bit longer tonight - it'd give me more time to finish what I'm doing... and also more time to prepare my brain for sleep... lol, yeah, I think I'll do that XD)

Well, see ya (again XD)!


2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: ok, well if it helps you could put my character as the for the lover and sorry can't really help you out there (i'm absolutly no good at playing a female character...and for the life of me i can't play the irritant if i tried)

2009-09-11 [Yume Youki]: Don't worry, I'm a master at annoying and irritating people, I could play that/those characters with my eyes closed, and one hand tied behind my back.

As for the lover character, it doesn't necessarily have to be female (and I'm kinda thinking about making it a male - not your character though, that'd be awkward. I'll make my own), but if I were to make it female, I probably wouldn't have too much trouble, since I'm female myself...

And when it comes to the head of the Resistance, I'm thinking about making the resistance leader a female (hence the ranting in the previous paragraph), and making a male "lover" character under her. They aren't "officially" together, however, they've always had a sort of thing going. They're more than friends, not quite lovers, but want to be...

If that sounds complicated, then let me just say it bluntly. The male character likes the female (leader) character, the female character's totally clueless, but is very intimate anyway, and the male character wants to confess, but is afraid of being turned down (as there are PLENTY of other males aspiring to be her "lover").

[Note:] Stop reading here, if you value your sanity - if you don't, or your just extremely bored and don't have anything better to do, then go ahead and listen to me rant. After all, it can't hurt, though it can definitely get confusing...

And if that makes any sense (which I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't - I've never been very good at explaining), then, well... Well, I don't really know what then, but I know that it's a good thing! lol XD

I'd better stop ranting now, or I'm going to be taking up the entire page - has anyone else noticed that most of the comments I make on wiki pages tend to be AT LEAST 2 to 3 inches in length (if you measured with a ruler on the screen)?

Or is it just me being stupid? Because if it's just me being stupid (and I use this for lack of a better word), then this wouldn't be the first time it's happened... And I doubt this is the last either...

Wait, what am I doing? I'm ranting again!

Stop ranting, Sakura, because there comes a point at which it just becomes ridiculous... *continues talking to herself*

*5 minutes later...*

Well, I'll just end this by saying "later", and hopefully that stop me from continuing...

So, uh, later, I suppose!


2009-09-11 [Yume Youki]: ^^^Wow, I think that was the longest comment I've ever made in my life! XD

2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: lol ok sounds good to my character wherever you think he is suited

2009-09-11 [Yume Youki]: I'll put him in second, since 1) it means I don't have to remember so many characters, and 2) it means someone who actually knows what the hell (pardon my french XD) it is they're doing - I've never really watched or researched anything about the military, or army, so most of it is sort of - no, scratch that, a LOT of it is REALLY unknown to me.

Like weapons. XD



2009-09-11 [Talos Cyrion]: no happens to be my area of expertise

2009-09-12 [Yume Youki]: Really?

Well, that's one good thing then - it means you can help me figure out how to run the Resistance!

It's nice to have people who actually know what they're doing help you out when your totally clueless. XD

2009-09-12 [Talos Cyrion]: lol ya it is and no i wouldn't mind at all helping you out

2010-02-26 [Talos Cyrion]: i dont even remember this rp o.O lol

2010-03-01 [Yume Youki]: *blinks* You too?

I'm going to start rping soon, I think, but I need more people to help me out...

2010-03-01 [Talos Cyrion]: kk...gotta go re read the story 0.o

2010-03-01 [Yume Youki]: Okie-dokey.

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