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Page Title: Leria RP

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Welcome to the

Created by [Yume Youki] for the rp Leria

[ - *] - Description available

~Leria - URBAN~

These are the cities that haven't been taken over by the Death Army, or who have sided with the resistance. They're basically neutral, though unofficially so.


Tinik the Capital - *
Setia City - *

Deina City - *
Arkalo City - *

Awos City - *


These are the wild, mostly unexplored regions of Leria - and while I say mostly unexplored, I merely mean, hardly anyone ever dares to go there. There are some, including a few from the Resistance and the Death Army, as well as ordinary adventurers, that are unafraid of these places, and fearlessly travel them, for many reasons.


Mountains of Ashleria
Plains of Tudel

Lerrqua Ocean
Raken Lake

Dayer River
Caverns of Aton

Labyrinth of Avina
The Barrens

The Swamps
Iodies Islands

Forests of Ormia
Igedra Desert


This is pretty self-explanatory. For the people who want their own command tent/sleeping quarters, just ask me for approval, and then make a wiki that has a description of the tent, as well as your characters name, and your username somewhere on it. Then just stick it up in the list of character tents.

Ankoù's Prison
Death Army Tents <--List of Character Tents

Death Army Mess Hall
Death Army Command Tent



This is also pretty self-explanatory. Once again, for the people who want their own command rooms/sleeping quarters, just ask me for approval, and then make a wiki that has a description of the room, as well as your characters name, and your username somewhere on it. Then just stick it up in the list of character rooms.


Resistance HQ
Resistance Rooms <--List of Character Rooms

Resistance Training Grounds
Resistance Stables

Resistance Dining Hall
Leria Resistance Kitchens

Leria Library
Resistance Citadel


Rp rooms may be added or removed over time, so be prepared in case of any changes. I will make sure to notify everyone of these changes before I make them. Also, rp rooms will only be removed if they go unused during the entire rp, or they are completely and utterly unnecessary, in which case I will be sure post a report of what rooms were removed, and why, up on the official announcements page.

Thanks for playing! ♥

Return to the Leria Homepage
Leria Beastery
Leria Characters
Leria Rules
Leria Bulletin <-- Don't forget to check this regularly for special announcements, updates, and other things!

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2009-09-02 [Yume Youki]: This page will take the longest to create, as there are a bunch of other pages I have to create in order for this page to be finished.

Ugh, this is the ONE page I'm not particularly looking forward to finishing.

Wait for it guys - this is going to be BIG. Like ultra mega super BIG. Count on it. ;)

2009-09-05 [Yume Youki]: UPDATE: Ok, so this page, as well as all of the pages on it are done.

But the pages on here WILL be updated with summaries/descriptions of each (on their own page), as well as other stuff, so that it's easier to rp in them. For now, try not to use too much description when describing your characters surroundings. Just try to keep that to the bare minimum. Don't worry, this is only temporary, it will be fixed asap, just be patient, 'kay?


2009-09-28 [Eyden13]: I'm not sure were to start.

2009-09-29 [Yume Youki]: Well, where does your character like to live? I mean, is it a city, town, lake, moutain, or other type of terrain?

If you don't really know, I reccomend starting in the capital city, Tinik, since it's sort of a... what would you call it? A centeral point? Well, something like that, anyway...

Basically, there are a lot of people there, so it's easier to move around and interact, even if there aren't that many other characters playing.

That's why. :)

2009-09-29 [Yume Youki]: I was thinking of putting up a post in Tinik, as well as adding descriptions of each place... but well, I'm very lazy, so I haven't done it yet...

But I'm in a writing mood, so I'll do it (or at least some of it) now.

2009-09-29 [Eyden13]: I'm thinking some were in the other areas. I'll think on it some more

2009-10-30 [Yume Youki]: Kay. :)

I'm thinking of removing some of the cities, and towns, as there are just way too many...

I know I want to get rid of Danes City, Kimash City, and Delsam City, but for the towns, I'm not quite sure yet....

Tell me what you guys think of it after I'm done putting descriptions into all of the towns that I can...

I'll tell you which ones I want to get rid of then, and then you all can tell me if you think it's a good idea. :)

This will take a while, though...

Patience, my minions, your time to shine will come... >D

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