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Just sayin'.

This will start out in descending order, but if there start being too many announcements, then I will put it in to ascending order.

#1 - I've taken some of the rp rooms off of the rp page - I think it was intimidating some possible players, and making it so that they didn't want to play - and anyway, there were too many too begin with, and a lot of them were just really useless ones that we didn't need.

Here's a list of the rp rooms I deleted:

Ader Town
Elmusk Town
Enurt Town
Estdir Town
Itiss Town
Lornban Town
Mosyn Town
Tinige Town

Danes City
Delsam City
Kimash City

There they are! Wow, now that I look at it, that's a lot of rp rooms to delete, isn't it? Hmm... Well, they really weren't needed, so off with their heads, I say! Aaaarrrgh! *pretends to wave a sword about and acts like a pirate*

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