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2007-10-09 17:42:38
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Lemon and meringue pie

By: [Zab]
<img:stuff/cooookieeeezab.png> we go.. this isn't very hard, but it is time consuming.. my book said 1.5 hours, I dunno because I had a pizza in between.. xD

The pie crust:
3dl flour
150g butter/or whatever you use instead, not liquid.
3 tablespoons water

Mix flour and butter, then add the water and make it a dough.
Put it in a pie form (don't oil/butter the form) let it cover the bottom and hang over the sides. and let it stay cool for 15 minutes. Then put it in the oven, 15 min in 225 degrees.
Take it out to cool.

Lemon cream:
1,5-lemons, both juice and zest.
3dl water
1.5 dl sugar
6 tablespoons corn starch (should work with potato starch too)
1 tablespoon butter
3 eggs (yolk)

Boil water, cornstarch, sugar and lemonjuice untill it becomes a cream, add egg, lemon zest and butter. Heat it but don't let it boil.
Let it cool. Put it on the pie dough.

Meringue: Whip 3 eggwhites really hard, gently add 1dl sugar. Put it on top of the pie.

In with it in the oven about 10 minutes, 150degrees:P

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2007-10-09 [Triola]: Pie bottom = pie crust
Floating = liquid
Lemon shell = zest
Maizena = cornstarch
Yellow part of the egg = yolk

*is an English nerd* >.>

Men namm! :D

2007-10-09 [Zab]: ^^

2007-10-09 [Barock]: I love lemon Meringue Pie ^_^ SO Gooooooooooooood!

2007-10-09 [Zab]: Yay! ^___^

2007-10-09 [Zab]: I'm surprised how easy it was to make.. O_o

2007-10-10 [Barock]: Yeah :--) Its just fiddly is all... I once made, then ate a whole one in a day -_-

2007-10-10 [Zab]: hehe..:)

2007-10-18 [Stephen]: I'd make it, but I have no idea what the measurements are... :P

2007-10-18 [Zab]: Convert them then..x)

2007-10-28 [Jitter]: dl stands for..? :) *confused* x)

2007-10-28 [Zab]: decilitre.. 1/10 of 1 litre.. x)

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