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2011-10-11 17:40:51
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Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub (Tutorial) review

Original tutorial can be found here:

So I just got done making this recipe/tutorial for lemon sugar hand scrub (mostly because I was bored) and although it turned out all right, I do have some complaints.

Firstly, if you follow the given measures for sugar/oil/lemon juice ratio, it turns out goopy and liquidy, far too much for my tastes. Therefore I had to add more sugar to make it a little more solid. Then I took a sniff (because I like my hands smelling nice, oke?) and... It smelled too much like olive oil. Ew. So then I had to add more lemon juice, and that made it too liquidy again so I had to add more sugar.... (etc. etc. etc.). In the end the lemon juice and the olive oil ended up negating each other, so it doesn't really smell at all now (which some people prefer, but I personally enjoy nice-smelling hands).

I haven't actually tried the scrub part yet, but I did rub a little on my cuticles after jarring my concoction up, and it seemed to work all right.

Probably due to my adding and adding and adding, I filled two whole jars (but also mine are a little shorter than the ones she showed).

Overall it seems nice, and I'll be trying her recipe for pumpkin spice hand scrub (found here: but I think you'll have to do some experimenting to get the consistency you'd like.


/ [Akayume]

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2011-10-11 [Nioniel]: Pumpkin spice sounds awesome!

2011-10-11 [Akayume]: I agree! And it looks better than the lemon stuff honestly. >.> And it uses brown sugar! Who doesn't love brown sugar? :3

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