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Lemirian Witch


--Basic Info--

--Other Classes--

--The Good--

--The Bad--

--The Ugly --


-> Lv 5 Plague Bearer
-> Lv 5 Spire Priestess

Can Learn
-> Scribble Scroll
-> Scribble Advanced Scroll
-> Lv 1 & 2 Green Magic
-> Green Magic Expertise
-> Lv 3 & 4 Green Magic
-> Cause Fear
-> Drain Mana
-> Brew Potion
-> Lv 1 & 2 Black Magic
-> Two Weapon Fighting
-> Dark Aura
-> Death Touch
-> Poison Resistance
-> Greater Poison Resistance
-> Enchantment

Special Skills
Jinx - The Witch is known for bottling up dark spirits of the world on her own body. This causes for random, strange tragedies to occur around her. Furthermore, when the Witch takes damage, everyone in the are must make a magic resustance roll or take a third of the damage the Witch took.
Familiar - Upon becoming a Witch, the character can pick any animal categorized as small to become her familiar. Familiar's acquire human-like intelligence and share a psychic link with the witch. The animal will also become magical, its element shift to black and will gain several special abilities. The familiar can only be changed every 5 levels on level-up, if the familiar has been killed, a new one can be obtained at that time.

Sage's Advice

Classes in Lemire
Realms of Lemire
Races of Lemire
Rules of Lemire
Lemirian Skills

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